From Angular to React: Enhancing the PrestaShop PWA Addon for Faster Performance!

From Angular to React Enhancing the Knowband's PrestaShop PWA Addon for Faster Performance

In the dynamic world of eCommerce, technology continuously evolves, pushing businesses to adapt and innovate to stay ahead. At Knowband, we understand the importance of staying current with the latest technology trends to ensure our clients receive the best tools for success. That’s why we’ve made a significant move for our PrestaShop PWA Addon: transitioning from Angular to React. This shift is designed to enhance the performance of your PrestaShop eCommerce sites, ensuring they are faster, more responsive, and better suited to your business needs.

Furthermore, we promise a more stable and enhanced user experience for your customers in the upcoming React PWA for Prestashop.

Why React?

React’s popularity and efficiency as a frontend library come from its virtual DOM (Document Object Model), which allows for superior performance and faster user interface rendering compared to Angular. On top of that, this transition means that any actions customers take on your PrestaShop site, whether browsing products or completing purchases, will now be smoother and more efficient.

Improved Performance and User Experience:

Improved Performance and User Experience in Prestashop PWA Addon by Knowband

One of the main advantages of using React for Knowband’s PWA Addon is the significant improvement in loading times and app responsiveness. The reason behind the same is that React allows for a more seamless interaction on mobile devices, replicating a native app’s feel more effectively than ever before. Thus, for any eCommerce business, the speed and fluidity with which users can navigate your site can dramatically affect sales and customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Development Process:

At Knowband, we offer Progressive web app solutions for Prestashop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, and Opencart eCommerce platforms. Furthermore, the amazing fact is that the vendors do not require any kind of technical knowledge to create their Android and iOS web apps using our PWA addon.

Furthermore, the store admin can create the PWA apps within no time just by installing the PWA addon on the store and adding Firebase configurations.

Upcoming Features in the Next Module Build:

new features in the upcoming build of our React-based PrestaShop PWA Addon by Knowband

Looking ahead, Knowband is excited to introduce new features in the upcoming build of our React-based PrestaShop PWA Addon, which will bring even more capabilities to your online store:

Automated Banner Sliders:

The admin now has the ability to add automated banner sliders on the home page of the PWA app. Therefore, the following feature will help in engaging your customers with high-quality, dynamic banners that are easy to manage and automate. This feature enhances the visual appeal of your site and can be used to highlight promotions, new arrivals, or popular items.

List/Grid View on Product Listing Pages:

You can provide your PWA App users with the flexibility to view products in a format that suits their preferences. A toggle between list and grid views on product listing pages will make it easier for customers to browse products, compare them, and make purchasing decisions based on their personal shopping habits.

Notification Feature:

Keeping your customers informed and engaged with real-time notifications about new products, special offers, and order statuses will be easier with the to be introduced notification feature in the PWA App. Furthermore, this feature ensures that your customers feel connected and valued, which can help increase customer loyalty and repeat business.


By transitioning from Angular to React, Knowband’s PrestaShop PWA Mobile App Builder Addon is set to offer even more robust features and improved performance. Moreover, these enhancements are designed to help your eCommerce site not just keep up with the market trends but to stay ahead of them, offering your customers a faster, more engaging online shopping experience.
Stay tuned for our upcoming module build, which promises to take your eCommerce site to new heights.

At Knowband, we’re committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions that drive success and innovation in the eCommerce space. Explore the benefits of the new React-based PWA Addon and get ready to take your PrestaShop store to the next level. 


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