What to Choose for App Development: Firebase vs Supabase

Firebase vs Supabase - Choose the Right Backend for App Development by Knowband

When it comes to app development, at this fast pace, one factor that cannot be bypassed is to choose the right services for your backend. Now the world has two best options: Firebase, backed by Google; and Supabase, which is billed as an open-source alternative to Firebase. This blog goes through some of the features, advantages, and use cases of both platforms to make the right choice for developers.

Features and benefits of Firebase - Knowband

Firebase: Features and Benefits

Firebase is one of the well-renowned players in the market. It has a very comprehensive suite of tools that caters to diverse dimensions when it comes to app development. Here are some key features:

Realtime Database and Firestore:

Firebase provides two options for cloud-hosted databases. These options allow for the storage and synchronization of user information in real-time.


Support for authentication with passwords, phone numbers, and popular federated identity providers such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Cloud Functions: 

Developers can let backend code run in response to events triggered by Firebase features and HTTPS requests without managing servers.


Firebase integrates with Google Analytics, a free app measurement solution, to provide you with some insights on app usage and user engagement.

Firebase is great for developers who need solid, scalable solutions with good documentation and community support. It works perfectly for those scenarios where rapid development and deployment are needed, all thanks to the integrated environment.

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Features and benefits of Supabase - Knowband

Supabase: Features and Benefits

Supabase bills itself as an open-source alternative to Firebase, duplicating most of its functionality and adding the following features:

Realtime Subscriptions: 

In the same way, Firebase offers real-time functionalities, but Supabase takes it a step further by integrating this into any PostgreSQL database, providing more flexibility.

RESTful and Postgres APIs: 

Automatically generate the RESTful APIs from your Postgres database schemas, which makes back-end development a piece of cake.

Row-level Security: 

Supabase directly leverages powerful row-level security capabilities by PostgreSQL, which enables fine-grained access control.

Open Standards-Based: 

Supabase has been built on top of open technologies, meaning developers interested in being vendor-agnostic and maintaining control of their stack may find it much more appealing to work with.

Supabase is perfect for developers who care about open-source solutions and who need all the PostgreSQL powers with traditional strengths but modern, real-time abilities.

Firebase vs. Supabase

When choosing between Firebase and Supabase, consider the following:

choosing between Firebase and Supabase by Knowband

  • Ease of use: Firebase perhaps has a slight edge because of its comprehensive documentation and mature ecosystem. Besides, the fact that it integrates with other Google services can also be a determining factor for many developers. 
  • Control and Flexibility: The development of Supabase over the PostgreSQL engine adds a layer of freedom for users to do advanced database operations, which is critical for users with queries of the complexity above. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: While Firebase is free at the bottom line, its pricing can become pretty concerning once the application scales up. Supabase, on the other hand, being open-source, is generally cost-effective and suitable for a project of almost any magnitude. 


E-human Both Firebase and Supabase are wonderful. The project can always be adjusted, depending on the complexity of data operations and how much your team is already used to working with PostgreSQL or other NoSQL databases. 

In the case of an easy, prepacked, and quick setup, Firebase is your best bet, but if your projects are those that will find robustness in PostgreSQL and a more flexible, open-source setup, then Supabase is your pick. Both are living, so their updates and community feedback may give you some extra arguments on your side. 

Choose the tool that you think aligns best with your philosophy of development and with the technical specifications of your project.

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