Enhance search functionality with PrestaShop Search Auto suggest addon

PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest

The search functionality of your eCommerce website plays a crucial role in the purchase decision of a customer. If customers do not easily find what they are looking for, they will likely take an exit and never return, making you lose out on potential customers.

This is why the search functionality holds very high importance to gain customer loyalty and provide customers with a hassle-free online shopping experience.

For PrestaShop website owners, we present the PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon that can improve the search functionality of the website and help people find the desired products easily.

Auto-suggest or autocomplete is a feature that predicts what the user is looking for, even before the user has finished typing his/her search query.

Features to look out in PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon:

prestashop search auto suggest

Set the minimum number of letters that need to be entered in the search box for the search function to work. For example, if a customer is looking for a pair of shoes, the search results would be displayed only after the customer has typed “sho” and not before it.

2. Search with the category name

Search for a particular category by typing the category name in the search box.

3. Search with the product name

Search for a particular product by typing the product name in the search box.

4. Display price along with the products

PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon lets you display the product price in the search results. If enabled, the product price will be mentioned right below the product name when a user types a search query.

5. Set a limit for the search results

With the help of PrestaShop Quick search addon, you can choose how many results you want to display in the search results, at once.

6. Allow search with product description, tags, SKU, UPC, EAN

A user can search for a product with its description, tags, EAN(European Article Number), UPC(Universal Product Code) and SKU(Stock Inventory Unit).

7. Get a complete analysis of the searched terms

PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon Analysis feature

PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon provides you with the statistics of the most searched keywords in your eCommerce website.

It displays the keywords along with the number of times they have been searched.

The stats can also be seen in the form of a pie chart.

8. Filter search results based on the stock status

With PrestaShop Search Auto-complete addon, you can display only those items that are currently in stock and hide the out-of-stock ones. Or you can display every kind in the search results, whether it is in stock or out of stock.

PrestaShop auto-suggest also provides you with the option to display only the products that have a specific quantity. For example, if you set the quantity range from 0 to 5, then only if the quantity of the product that a user is trying to search is between 0 and 5, products will be shown in the search results.

9. Instant display of results as a drop-down list

The search results are displayed instantly with the images as a drop-down list.

Adjust the colour of the highlighted keyword, background colour of the heading and the font colour to give your search bar an appealing look.

Why should you have PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon?

1. Easy and quick search functionality

2. Enhance user experience

3. Reduce bounce rate by displaying relevant results to users

4. Help customers find the desired product in no time.

The PrestaShop Search Auto-suggest addon is fully responsive, SSL compatible, multi-store compatible, multi-browsers compatible and compatible with all PrestaShop themes.

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