Features of OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Manager Plugin by Knowband

Knowband Launches OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Manager Plugin for Seamless Customer Communication!!

Knowband, a leading eCommerce plugin development company, has unveiled its latest innovation – the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Extension. This powerful plugin aims to revolutionize customer communication for OpenCart store owners. Offering a seamless and convenient way to connect with customers through the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp.

In today’s highly competitive eCommerce landscape, effective customer communication plays a vital role in building trust and driving conversions. With Knowband’s OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Manager module, online store owners can now leverage the widespread popularity of WhatsApp. To provide personalized and real-time support to their customers.

Key features of the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat module include:


features of the OpenCart WhatsApp Chat module by Knowband


Multiple Chat Agent Support

The plugin allows store owners to assign multiple chat agents to handle customer queries. Furthermore, OpenCart store admins can assign particular chat slots to different chat agents.
This enables efficient management of customer interactions, reducing response time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Chat Widget Customization

Store owners can customize the appearance of WhatsApp chat widgets to align with their brand’s aesthetics. They can choose and add the WhatsApp chat support icon on the desired pages and products at their convenience.

Automated Greetings and Responses

The plugin offers automated greetings and responses to engage customers and handle frequently asked questions.

WhatsApp Call and Video Chat

The plugin empowers store owners to provide enhanced customer support by enabling WhatsApp call and video chat functionality. Customers can initiate voice or video calls directly from the chat widget, fostering a more personalized and interactive communication experience.

In the End:

“The Knowband OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat Manager Plugin is designed to streamline customer communication for OpenCart store owners.”
Furthermore, we understand the importance of personalized and real-time support in driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this plugin, OpenCart merchants can leverage the popularity of WhatsApp and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

To learn more about the Knowband OpenCart WhatsApp Chat Manager Plugin and its features, you can also visit Knowband’s official website.

About Knowband:

Knowband is a leading eCommerce plugin development company that offers a wide range of plugins and modules for popular eCommerce platforms. Like OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce. With a dedicated team of experts and a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions. Knowband is committed to empowering online businesses and enhancing the customer experience.
Furthermore, you can also reach out to us at support@knowband.com for more information and eCommerce queries.




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