How to Automate the Coupon Discount for your OpenCart Store

Certainly, coupons are an enticing way to maximize volume and revenue. It can easily build your customer data and temporarily improve your conversion rates by integrating them into your marketing mix. Although there is no real substitute for offering quality goods and reasonable pricing, when the market heats up or customer expectation determines it, coupons do a great job supporting those efforts. To automate the coupon discounts on your OpenCart store, you can add ‘Sales Coupon Enhancer – OpenCart Extensions’ developed by KnowBand.

Coupons and discounts enhance sales by increasing conversions. Let’s explore the functionalities and learn how to use coupons to create discounts on the OpenCart store.

Discount Coupon Sales Enhancer – OpenCart Extensions

In creating coupon code, the sales coupon enhancer plugin offers admin all the options he ever wanted. It has several helpful features that are not available by default in OpenCart.

The OpenCart Sales Enhancer Extension makes it possible for the store administrator to create several coupons based on different categories. Through the OpenCart coupon code generator extension, store admin can generate coupons for a particular brand, client, payment method, shipping methods, etc.

This OpenCart Extension gives the administrator the ability to display all coupons produced without any trouble. The store administrator will set the coupon code rules and create random coupon codes through the OpenCart coupon code generator.

It allows setting conditions to apply to the coupon at the checkout page. One Page Checkout extension has a field for coupon code entry and the Coupon Code Enhancer is compatible with One Page Checkout.

Key features of OpenCart Sales Coupon Enhancer

Create Coupon Codes


You can create several coupon codes for customer groups, shipping methods, and payment methods using the OpenCart promotional vouchers. For instance, choose XYZ bank payment and avail a 10% discount’

Set Coupon Code Validity Rules

The number of rules to validate the coupon code can be applied through the OpenCart coupon generator will be defined by the store manager.

Generate random coupons with OpenCart coupon code generator

The OpenCart coupon code generator extension has a choice for generating random coupon codes, or you can enter your own code as well. Like for Christmas, the coupon code be SANTA25′

Create Code for Categories and Brands

The OpenCart sales coupon enhancer gives you the option of creating coupon codes specifically for a brand, category, consumer, shipping method, payment method, etc.


The OpenCart coupon code generator extension is compatible with Multi-Store. The default coupon code scheme does not interfere with the OpenCart coupon code generator extension.

Detailed Data Reports

OpenCart coupon generator gives you various reports to give you a glance over the coupon used orders and who did not use coupon codes while placing the orders.

 The difference in the default coupon creation and coupon creation from the module:


Some benefits of offering Coupon Code discounts:

It has a fantastic interface that helps clients to quickly access and understands where code can be applied.

Coupon discounts increase sales

Easy to create coupon codes: Generate coupon codes for every occasion and event. Like on a particular product, category, shipping method, specific payment gateway, etc.

Apply rules: Apply rules based on products, cart quantity, type, etc., and configure your coupons with the OpenCart coupon code generator extension accordingly.

Fully customizable: The extension of the OpenCart coupon code generator can be completely modified from the backend.

Increase sales: 96% of consumers use coupons when making an order, which will increase the web store’s sales.

Display Reports: You can easily view reports and statistics of the total coupons generated and the number of coupons discounted. With the support of OpenCart coupon code generator extension graphs, you can also view the orders that used coupon codes and which did not use them.

Wrap-up: The coupon code extension can be easily applied to any of the OpenCart stores and is compatible with the journal theme. The coupon code generator extension is super easy to install and configure. Adding coupon codes The OpenCart coupon generator gives you free support and free updates for the future. KnowBand provides free installation of the OpenCart coupon generator.

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