3 Must have OpenCart Extensions for Increasing Sales

Considering this fact, online retailers need to work upon their shopping cart for better performance and conversions. In addition to it, they need to invest their time and effort for engaging customers.

This blog is for all those OpenCart stores who want to put more money in their pocket by increasing conversions on the store. Installing the easy to use OpenCart extensions will not only help boost sales on your website but also increase user engagement.

OpenCart One Page Checkout

This extension is designed to reduce the standard 6 steps or multi step checkout into one page by eliminating the need for filling unnecessary fields.

Important Features

  • Responsive Design- Works on all devices including smart phone, tablet, desktop and laptop
  • Easy to use– Easy to integrate and fully compatible with your OpenCart store
  • Feature rich admin panel- The rich functionality of the admin panel allows store owner to control and manage the layout, design and content of website so as to help users with an easy and quick checkout process.
  • Supports multiple shipping and payment method– This extension supports all shipping and payment methods (non iframe only)

Benefits for your shoppers

  • Customers can login via their social network profiles like Facebook and Google +
  • Option to enter coupon codes on checkout page
  • Complete checkout process on a single page
  • Add or delete products from their carts on the checkout page
  • Checkout on all types of devices
  • Option to view “Product image” on the checkout page

Benefits for store owners

Installing this extension on your store will improve the functionality of your store by maximizing conversions and increasing user engagement. Making your customer’s checkout easier and reducing the time needed to fill out lengthy checkout page, you will also be able to decrease shopping cart abandonment.

OpenCart Abandoned Cart

This extension allows you to send emails to customers who abandoned their orders, thereby allowing you to recover sales. Add restore links, promotions, discount coupons in abandoned cart emails to motivate customers to come back and complete the purchase.


Send abandoned cart emails to your store visitors who abandoned their carts by creating personalized emails featured with appealing content rich emails, coupon codes, discounts and a link to product page.  This helps you by increasing the number of returned customers and encourages sales on your website.

Convert abandoned carts into sale by a “single click recovery” feature. Customer can review the entire content of their carts with just a single click. It removes the hassle to add items to the bag from scratch.

Increase user engagement on your site by offering an option to include a coupon in alert mails. After viewing this customers will be motivated to return to your store and it will drive more traffic and engage users too.

Reduces cart abandonment rate by sending follow up email automatically within the minutes of abandoned carts

Increase successful orders by sending reminder of pending orders, cancelled orders, closed orders, etc.

OpenCart Social Login

This is a must have extension for those OpenCart store who want to increase the functionality by providing great user experience, acquire customers and increase sales. The functionalities of this plugin allow your customers to log in to your site using Facebook or Google+ social networks.


Increases conversions by simplifying the registration process

Get rid of long and complicated forms by allowing users to sign up with their existing social networking account.

Gather rich and real time demographic details about your customers without requiring them to fill out any forms. By asking users to sign up with social logins, you will be able to acquire customer details and use it further to increase sales on your website.

Eliminates the issues of forgotten usernames and passwords

Your customers can link their regular account to one or more social networks and can then use these social accounts to sign in.


Make your store as simple and convenient as you can if you want to attract user’s attention. Always remember to have those features which people love and wish to see. Installing the above OpenCart extensions will provide simple, easy to use features on your store which customers will enjoy and will definitely come back to shop again from your store.

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