End to all the Rumors: Magento 1 support confirmed to June 2020


Last week, we discussed how the faint rumors about the end of Magento 1 are circulating in the market. Some experts were even suggesting to instantly migrate to Magento 2 as Magento 1 were dropping their support. However as confirmed by Magento Officials, it isn’t happening that early.

Magento 1 support extended to June 2020

Yesterday an official announcement was made by the Magento officials regarding the extend of Magento 1 support. Magento 1 support will be provided until June 2020. Till the date comes, the support for the previous platform will be as follows:

a) Support for Magento Enterprise Edition

For Enterprise Edition (Magento Commerce 1), the support will include both quality fixes and security patches. A Lifecycle Policy has withal been shared with complete Enterprise Edition support details.

b) Support for Magento Community Edition

On the other hand, for Community Edition (Magento Open Source 1), the company aims to provide the security patches up to June 2020 in order to keep the sites compliant and secure. Detailed security patches support are mentioned in their Legal Terms Page. An official notification regarding this announcement has also been sent to all the existing Magento 1 store owners yesterday.   

Why June 2020?

Magento, in regard to showing their concern with e-merchants, has finalized the cessation date to be June 2020. The reason abaft this is pretty straightforward. They optate to provide enough time to store owners for migrating their business to the new and updated platform. They are giving both time and confidence to users to make a successful transition without any kind of panic or trepidation.

Why Magento 2?

The cloud commerce platform, Magento even went on discussing the advanced functionalities which we will experience in Magento 2. They described a few features and technicalities involved with the Magento 2 platform which would hopefully make a difference. I would sum them up in bullets for you :

  • Magento 2 delivers unmatched flexibility, thus, will help in enabling virtual eCommerce experience.
  • Magento 2 provides superior performance in the cloud hosting.
  • It is completely free from the IT bottlenecks with improved content and intelligent business capabilities.

The company said that currently there are more than 2000 Magento 2 extensions and numbers incline to elevate in the future. As more e-merchants will connect with the platform, it will surely find its worthy place in the market. Magento has even asked all the Magento 1 store owners to commence planning for up gradation to Magento 2 platform.


So, for all the eCommerce merchants out there, no need to worry anymore. You have got enough time to make a successful transition to Magento 2 setup. This time could be the turning point for your business if you use it for making better business planning and implementation along with the platform up-gradation.

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