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Knowband Comes Up With Some Free Modules To Help eCommerce Businesses

Businesses are going through a rough patch due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a complete lockdown order in various countries. Cinemas, restaurants, offices, etc. have been shut. The economy has been hit hard and more challenges lie ahead.

People have put themselves in quarantine to prevent the spread of this deadly virus that is only multiplying the number of victims daily. These are hard times and we do not know how long it will take before the entire world resumes to the normal state again.

In this difficult phase, many people, celebrities, organizations are coming forward and showing their support in some way or the other, be it through donation, distributing food to the needful or exempting rent for the tenants.

We, at Knowband, understand the challenges businesses are facing due to this global pandemic and this is why we have made some of our modules free of cost as a token of support.

Existing Modules Currently Available For Free-

As of now, there are three modules that a user can purchase without paying a penny and we will keep you updated with other free modules whenever they are any.

PrestaShop Product Availability Check by Zip Code

OpenCart Product Availability Check by Zip Code

Magento Product Availability Check by Zip Code

OpenCart Spam Blocker

PrestaShop Spam Blocker

With the help of the first three modules, you can allow your customers to check product availability in their region. And for this, they do not need to head to the checkout page and confirm the availability after filling out the address fields.

The visitors are asked to enter the zip code right on the product page and check the product availability. The “Add to cart” button is disabled if the product is not available for the specified zip code.

The next two modules help you in reducing the spam traffic on your website.

How Can We Help in the Current Scenario?

Coronavirus is spread across cities and countries following which eCommerce businesses are facing major issues with shipping and delivery. Shipping is getting stuck and delayed and the same is the case with order delivery.

So, to make things convenient and time-saving for your visitors and customers, you can place a product check availability section on the product pages. If the product is available for delivery, it will display the estimated delivery date. So right now if there are shipping or delivery related issues, you can extend the delivery time and users would know it right on the product page.

If the product is not available for delivery, it will simply display that the product is not available at this location.

Newly Launched Module For Free-

We have recently launched a new module called Free COVID-19 Information Popup addon which is available for two platforms- PrestaShop and Magento 2.

PrestaShop Free COVID-19 Information Popup

Magento 2 Free COVID-19 Information Popup

This module lets you inform your customers about the recent changes or updates in your business due to the corona outbreak. You can educate them about what precautions to take to avoid the spread of this virus. And if you are running some offers on your website during this period, you can highlight them too through this popup.

It is specifically designed to help you communicate with your website visitors in the easiest way so that you do not get too many queries on your support system.

You can customize the popup text and choose the popup image of your choice. Moreover, you can also control who sees this popup. You have the option to display the popup in selected countries only.

Through all these modules, our motive is to help you-

  1. Retain your customers

  2. Build customer loyalty

  3. Generate some revenue even in this crisis situation

There are no hidden terms and conditions and there is no end date for these offers, at least for now. We are not sure when this COVID-19 pandemic will end so you can grab this offer till the time it is available.

It is time for us to unite and be a helping hand for others. We did our part and we hope that this brought a smile on your face. If it is so, do not forget to leave a comment below.

For any assistance, you can reach out to us at and for further updates, subscribe to our newsletters.

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