Google challenges EU’s $5B penalty over Android Antitrust Case


This year, in the month of July, Google had been hit with the $5B fine by European Commission over Android Abuse. Now, after three months the tech giant decided to raise its shield by challenging the imposed penalty over Android Antitrust Abuse.

Why Google was charged three months ago?

Google was fined over the allegations of misusing the power for creating their dominance in the market. Google had been accused of pushing the users to its search engine with the motive to enfeeble its competitors. EC said that the company had been imposing illegal restrictions on Android device manufacturers for very long time to cement its dominant position in the search.

It was even said, back then, that the company has made various illegal dealings with different Android smartphone manufacturers by paying them. But, the search engine has always been in a denial to all the allegations. Google’s spokesman Al Verney even quoted, “Android has always provided more choice for everyone, not less“.  Indian origin Google CEO urged that the company has always allowed the developers to make a living through the platform.

What is the Google’s take now?

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, Google said, “We have now filed our appeal of the EC’s Android decision at the General Court of the EU“. Now, Google is counter attacking this fine by making an appeal in the European Court.

Closing thoughts

This fight between the European Commission and Google does not seem to be getting anywhere near a conclusion. The lawsuit is getting complex day by day and looks like neither of the parties are going to leave it without a fight. A final appeal in the lawsuit may occur at European Court soon.

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