Trouble for Apple: might be next target of EU


European Commission claims that smartphone makers have failed in adopting universal compatibility and is planning to enforce a standard on them. It gives a signal that Apple might be the next target of EU.

Actual Story:

In 2009, 14 big companies like Nokia, Samsung, Apple etc. signed a memorandum, agreeing to harmonize their chargers for upcoming phones in the year 2011. This memorandum expired in 2012 and all the companies adopted the standards except for the tech giant Apple.

European Commission’s Move:

After putting a $5B fine on the Google last month, European Commission is now getting ready to put Apple in the line of fire. They are going to conduct an ‘Impact Assessment Study’ to fix a standard for the quality of mobile chargers. EU is going to announce new rules which would force Apple to drop the Lightning port for USB-C.

European Commission is justifying their statements with the fact that lack of compatibility cost 51000 tons of electrical waste every year as users throw their old chargers. The EU executive said they are not happy with the status quo.

On 1st of August, while responding to a query from EU lawmaker, Margrethe Vestager said,” Given the unsatisfactory progress with this voluntary approach, the Commission will shortly launch an impact assessment study to evaluate costs and benefits of different other options”.  EU is hoping that this study will decide whether any strong action needs to be taken against the tech biggies. Elzbieta Bienkowska, the market colleague is made in-charge of the matter.

Is Apple really in danger?

Now, the time will tell whether this decision of EU would affect the trillion dollar company or Apple will dodge it off. Till now, Apple has not responded over this issue. It would be interesting to see whether Apple will be fined again as of Irish Tax Bill or left with a warning.

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