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In many e-commerce websites, it often happens that if a user has some pending items in their cart, they cannot purchase some other product until they remove the previously added items. Though it is not something which irks a customer as they are the only ones who added the products in their cart. However, sometimes, it can discourage the instant purchase intent of the customer. To make things easy, KnowBand presents the One Click Checkout extension. If you have set up an e-commerce store on the Magento platform, Magento One Click Checkout can be beneficial for you.

Magento One Click Checkout triggers impulse purchases by allowing customers to purchase a product directly, without adding it to the cart. It does not interfere with the existing cart.

Note: Do not get confused between a One Page Checkout and a One Click Checkout. A one-page checkout simplifies the checkout process by placing all the checkout fields on a single page whereas the purpose of a one click checkout is to make customers buy a product without making any changes to the current cart details.

Features of Magento One Click Checkout

1. Magento One Click Checkout displays a “Buy Now” button at every product page. The product page displays two options: Add to Cart and Buy Now. A customer can click on Buy Now to purchase that particular product even if he/has some other pending items in the cart.

2. You can customize the “Buy Now” button as per your website design and adjust it for different themes and occasions.

3. Magento quick checkout extension offers an amazing analytics view to check the statistics. You can view how many users visited the product page, how many clicked on the Buy Now button, and out of those, how many eventually converted, in the form of a pie-chart.

4. Magento single click checkout is fully responsive.

5. Magento fast checkout extension is compatible with all Magento themes.

6. It is also compatible with the Magento One Page Checkout module.

7. You can enable/disable the module anytime.

8. Magento Instant checkout extension has the option to include jQuery.

Why you should choose Magento one click checkout for your e-commerce store?

1. To encourage easy and instant purchase

2. To improve user experience

3. To minimize the possibilities of cart abandonment

4. To increase conversions and drive more sales

5. To save the important time of a customer which otherwise would have been wasted in removing the existing cart items.

Final word

Make your store the go-to option for active online shoppers with the easily customizable Magento One Click Checkout. If you have any queries regarding this Magento extension, reach out to us at or leave a comment below.

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