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Boost your sales with Magento Gift Card Extension

“Incorporate a gift card section on your Magento website with Magento Gift Card extension. The module allows your store visitors to shop for e-gift cards/ digital gift cards from your website.”

Digital Gift Cards have been in trend for a long time now, and the trend will continue since people have become fond of purchasing e-gift cards. It saves their time from the tedious gift search. Today, with the facility of online gift cards, a person can purchase and send a gift card to anyone in the world, at any point of time.

It is only because of this that a majority of eCommerce website owners like to provide the gift card facility to their customers.

Wishing for a gift card extension for your site so that you could also start selling gift cards? Knowband’s Magento Gift Card extension will cover all your possible requirements regarding gift cards.

And with Mother’s Day only a few days away, purchasing a Mother’s Day special Gift Card will be one of the best ways to thank your mother and put a smile on her face. The module will let you create a Mother’s Day Gift Card from the back-end after which you can make it available for the customers to purchase it.

Magento 2 Mother's Day Gift Card

Overview of Magento Gift Card

1. Gift Cards for multiple occasions- Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Halloween, Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, etc.

2. Customizable Gift Card templates | Add New Gift Card templates

3. Create different price range gift cards

4. Display the gift card option on Header, Footer, etc.

5. Customizable email templates

6. Send gift cards via email or print it yourself

7. Track gift card orders

Magento Gift Card functionality

1. Magento Gift card extension comes with pre-existing templates for occasions like Birthday, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary, Halloween, Christmas, etc. These gift card templates can be customized and you can also add new ones. You can also disable a particular template anytime.

Magento Gift Card Extension

2. Magento Gift Card manager extension lets you set up gift cards of multiple prices so that a customer can choose the gift card as per his/her budget. You can also specify the gift card quantity of different priced gift cards. You can also set their validity. Besides, you can provide free shipping on a specific value gift card.

Magento Gift Voucher Extension

3. The gift card link can be placed across multiple places on your website such as the Header, Footer, and my account section. You can also highlight it on the left side on the front-end.

4. With the help of Magento Gift voucher extension, you can specify the order status for which the gift card would be marked as delivered and the gift card code would be generated.

5. Magento Gift Card extension provides an email template for the sender as well as the recipient, the subject and content of which can be customized as per the admin’s choice.

6. You can also set the minimum delivery time for the gift cards.

7. Magento gift card module lets you fix a prefix for your gift cards that helps you in your brand promotion.

8. The recipient can also download the gift card in the PDF format.

9. Allow gift cards to be sent physically (by printing it yourself) and virtually (over recipient’s email address).

10. With Magento Gift Card Voucher extension, you can track your gift card orders on your website.

11. The Magento Gift Card extension makes it a one-click task to enable or disable the module functionality.

Benefits of Magento Gift Card Extension

1. Easy to set up module with simple configurations

2. Helps in boosting your brand awareness

3. Increases your store sales and revenue

4. Acquire more customers [new] for your brand

If you need any assistance in this module regarding its configuration or have any sort of query, you can contact us at

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