PrestaShop Facebook Store Addon

PrestaShop Facebook Shop module

PrestaShop Facebook store, also known as PrestaShop Facebook shop addon or PrestaShop social shop addon is amongst the best PrestaShop social media modules. It lets you set up a shop on your Facebook business page.”

PrestaShop Facebook store addon

The Facebook audience is huge. People of every age group are present on the largest social media platform that has over 2.4 billion monthly active users. It is the most targeted social media network by brands as it provides them with the opportunity to reach out to a large target audience.

Moreover, people spend a lot of time on Facebook and this is the reason why Brands have linked their Facebook page to their eCommerce website and opened a Facebook shop, i.e. to allow people to shop from that medium too.

If you are a PrestaShop website owner looking to open a Facebook shop, PrestaShop Facebook store addon will help you do that effortlessly. All you require is the Facebook App ID.

Note: This module requires a minimum of 2K likes on your Facebook page to work. Besides, your website must be SSL-enabled. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, the module would not work because Facebook does not allow linking to a non-SSL website.


1. Easy to set up your Facebook store without any requirement of technical knowledge.

2. Track performance of your Facebook shop by connecting Google Analytics.

3. Adjust the look and feel of your Facebook shop.

4. Display your bestsellers, featured products, new arrivals, etc.

Features of PrestaShop Facebook store addon [Detailed]-

1. You can set up some attractive home page images to draw user attention. The images are displayed automatically. You can upload a maximum of three home page images.

Besides, you can set up home page banners as well to make your Facebook store more attractive. You can upload a maximum of two home page banners.

PrestaShop Facebook Shop

2. PrestaShop Facebook shop addon lets you customize the menu bar of your Facebook shop. The back-end of the module displays a list of categories that are set up on your website. You can then decide what category you want to put in the menu bar of your Facebook store.

3. With PrestaShop Social shop addon, you can display featured products, bestsellers, new arrivals, special products, etc. You can specify the products that you want to show on your social shop.

PrestaShop FB Shop addon

You can also specify the maximum number of featured products that you want to display.

4. Connect Google Analytics by entering your analytics ID and track the performance (conversion and sales) of your Facebook shop.

5. PrestaShop Facebook store addon helps you set up your Brand logo on your Facebook shop.

PrestaShop Facebook Shop module

6. You can also adjust the theme colour of your Facebook shop.

7. PrestaShop Facebook store addon lets you set up the footer content for your store.

Benefits of PrestaShop Facebook shop addon

1. Boost your website traffic

2. Increase the conversion rate on your website

3. Promote your Facebook shop in front of a huge Facebook audience

4. Enhance the shopping experience of your Facebook followers

Over to You

PrestaShop Facebook store addon provides multi-lingual support and has multi-store compatibility. If you want to achieve high sales from the Facebook platform, having a Facebook shop is a must.

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