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Magento 2 Gift Card Manager | Add a Gift Card section on your Website

Gift cards are purchased in huge numbers and not only during the holiday season but throughout the year. They are convenient and can be gifted to anyone having an email address. If you are also looking to add a gift card section on your website and provide your customers with the option of purchasing gift cards and gifting it to their loved ones, Magento 2 Gift Card Manager is all you need.

Magento 2 Gift Card

With Mother’s Day coming up in a few days, it is the best time to get this module and provide your customers with the option to purchase Mother’s Day Gift Cards and gift it to their lovely mother.

Mother's Day Gift Cards


1. Eye-catching gift card section

2. Gift cards for multiple occasions

3. Customize gift card templates

4. Create gift cards of different price models

5. Place gift card link on multiple places

6. Gift cards delivery via email or at the physical address

Features Description

1. The Magento 2 Gift Card module offers pre-existing multiple gift card templates for various occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, etc.

You can customize these gift card templates, delete them and add new ones as well. While adding a new gift card template, you can specify whether it should be allowed to send physically, virtually (by email) or both.

Magento 2 Gift Card extension

2. With Magento 2 Gift voucher extension, you can also specify a category to your gift cards so that it becomes easy for the customers to filter them on the gift card page.

3. The gift cards can be set for different prices so that customers can purchase a gift card according to their budget. For the gift card having a fixed value, you can define its quantity and validity.

4. For gift cards that need to be sent physically, you can enable free shipping on them if you want.

5. Magento 2 Gift card extension lets you place the gift card link on many places on your website such as the Header and the Footer.

6. You can set a prefix for your Gift Cards to boost brand awareness.

7. You can define a minimum delivery gap of the gift cards. Put simply, the number of days specified would be the minimum days it would take for the gift card to reach the customer.

8. The Magento 2 Gift Certificate module lets you customize the email templates that would be sent to the recipient and the sender. The email subject and inside content can be modified accordingly.

9. The Gift card can also be downloaded in the form of the PDF.

10. You can track the Gift card orders with the help of Magento 2 Gift Card Manager module that provides you with the recipient’s email address, sending date of the gift card and the gift card status.

11. Customers can also add a message along with the Gift card.

Benefits of Magento 2 Gift Card Manager

1. Capture more sales

2. Boost brand awareness

3. Make digital gifting easy

4. Easy to install and configure

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