Opencart COVID-19 Popup Extension -User Manual

1.0 Introduction:

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious disease the world is facing right now. Because of this pandemic, businesses all over the world are facing serious challenges to deliver their services to their customers all over the world. Most of the countries are facing a lockdown situation by which the businesses are facing difficulty in shipping and delivering their products.

Knowband offers Free OpenCart COVID-19 Information Popup extension by which you can educate your customers about your current status of Shipping and Delivery Services. With this Popup extension, you can also restrict your shipping services to certain countries where you are not delivering due to COVID-19. You can display an error message to your customers about the unavailability of your shipping and delivery services in their country due to the Corona Virus pandemic. The extension is easy to use, install and configures and offers a user-friendly interface. You can easily customize the look and feel of the extension from the back-end.


 Features of Free COVID19 Information Popup extension:

  1. Easy Installation and Configuration: The Free COVID-19 Information Popup extension is super easy to install and configure. You don’t need any advanced coding knowledge.
  2. Allow Shipping Services to Selected Countries: With this extension, you can easily select the countries where you are currently shipping and delivering your products.
  3. Easy Look and Feel Customization: The extension is very easy to customize. From the back end of the extension, you can upload or replace the background banner of the popup, the text and its color in the popup. You can even offer special deals and discount with the respective coupon code in the Popup.
  4. Predefined Popup Template: The Free COVID-19 Information Popup extension offers Predefined Text, banner and Popup Template. The text in this template can be easily customizable. 
  5. Display Country Restriction Message: The Free COVID-19 Information Popup extension allows you to restrict the shipment of your products to those countries where you are unable to deliver due to the Corona Virus pandemic. With this extension, you can display and configure the Country Restriction message which will be displayed if the customer enters non-delivery country in the delivery address at the checkout page.
  6. Set Popup Display Frequency: The store admin can set the frequency to display the COVID-19 Information Popup from the back end. The admin can set the frequency to One hour per visit, One day per visit, One week per visit, One month per visit.
  7. Enable or Disable the Extension: You can easily enable or disable the extension from the back end.

Merchant Benefits of Free COVID – 19 Information Popup:

  1. With this extension, the store admin can inform the customers about the shipping and delivery services.
  2. The e-merchant can also educate the customers about the protective measures they can take to protect themselves from the Corona Virus.
  3. With this extension, the e-merchant can restrict the customers to place orders for the countries he is unable to provide the shipping service.
  4. The store owner can also highlight the special deals on the Popup.

Customer Benefits of COVID – 19 Information Popup:

  1. With the help of this extension, the customers get to know about the current status of the shipping and delivery services of the store.
  2. The Popup educates the customers about the protective measures for the COVID-19 virus.

2.0 Installation:

Once you download Free COVID-19 Information Popup extension, you will receive the following files on your registered email address:

  • Source code of COVID-19 Information Popup extension in zipped file format.
  • User Manual of COVID-19 Information Popup extension.

Now in order to install this COVID-19 Information Popup extension on your online shop, follow the given steps:

  1. Unzip the zip file. You will get the folders as shown in the image below
  2. Copy all the folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.
  3. Now in the admin panel, click on Extensions in left side menu. Then click on Extension Installer ( Home->extension).
  4. Now, Upload the covid19_popup.ocmod.xml. A success message is shown once the file is uploaded.
  5. After file is uploaded go to  Home->Modification
  6. You will find a file with name COVID-19 Popup (this means your ocmod has been installed successfully). Click on the corresponding “+” icon to enable it. The green icon turns into red as shown below.
  7. Finally, click on the refresh button (This is mandatory).

Finally, the COVID-19 Information Popup extension is successfully installed and ready to use at your store. Go to the admin menu and click on the Extensions and then on Modules. Click the configure button next to Knowband Knowband COVID19 Information & Shipping Availability Checker.

3.0 Admin Interface:

After installing the COVID-19 Information Popup extension, the admin can configure the extension from the ‘Knowband’ tab. The admin panel includes the following categories:

  1. Enable/disable the Extension: This tab allows the store admin to enable or disable the extension in a single click.
  2. Background Image: From this tab, you can upload or replace the background image of the COVID-19 Information Popup.


  1. Text: From this tab, you can customize the text displayed at the popup. The predefined template is quite easy to customize without any coding efforts. You can display your special deals and discounts also from this template.


  1. Text Color: This tab allows you to customize the text color. 
  2. Select Country: You can select the countries where you want to provide your shipping services. If you want to select multiple countries, you can do it by selecting countries with ‘Ctrl’ button. If the country is not selected in this tab, the customer will not be able to place order for that particular country. 


  1. Country Restriction Message: This tab allows you to add and customize the Country Restriction Message to be displayed at the Checkout page. 




  1. Time Interval for Popup (in Min): From this tab, you can set the gap interval to display the Popup again on the website.

4.0 Front Office:


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