Offer Incentive to collect Product Review and Rating in Magento 2 store


Online reviews and ratings are a medium for customers to share their feedback with the seller and the world. In Magento 2, the product rating is an inbuilt feature but reviews play a pivotal role in increasing sales and decreasing product return rates. How about offering incentives for a review? For collecting more reviews you can offer incentives as a reward to the customer with Magento 2 Product Review and Rating Extension. Genuine reviews build trust through transparency and Google SEO prioritises the company or products which includes product rating and reviews.

In this article, we will show you how to attract more visitors to give product ratings in your Magento 2 store in exchange for the incentives. A survey says 92% of the consumers now read online reviews. There is a possibility that the product is getting less than 3 stars or poor reviews which drives customers away. This is a chance for the seller to accept the flaw and work on the product issues based on genuine reviews.


It is important to have a review section on the product page as 88% of online shoppers take the purchase decision based on star ratings and reviews.

Magento 2 Product Review Reminder and Incentives Extension collects and displays valuable reviews which encourage other customers to buy the same product. Offer Incentive to collect Product Review and Rating with Magento 2 extension.

Offer Incentives for a review


With Magento 2 Product Review and Rating Incentives Extension you can offer some amount as an incentive to the visitors or the existing customer for dropping a review for the product. Store admin can approve or disapprove the review. After the approval by the admin, that person will get an incentive as a reward.

Email Notification informing if you are lucky to get the incentive


An email notification will be sent to the reviewer if admin approves the review and accepts it for incentive reward. The Magento 2 product review and rating extension have some pre-crafted email templates for:

  1. A notification mail to admin will be sent if someone writes a new review
  2. When a review is accepted and incentives are included
  3. A template when admin accepts the review and exclude incentive
  4. An apology mail template when admin disapproves the review

Entice the customers with an incentive-plan reminder email


A custom email setting for the reminding about the incentive plan against a review is an alluring feature of Magento 2 product review and rating extension. Admin can set a time and shoot a follow-up mail to the customers reminding them about the review incentive plan.

Exclude product from review booster and incentive system

If Magento 2 store wants to exclude some of the products from review booster and incentive system then he can. The review and rating system for Magento 2 allows admin to configure the exclude settings by adding products or categories for which he/she doesn’t want to offer an incentive amount.

Keep the record

There is no harm in analysing the reports and keeping the track of product reviews reports and customer’s reports. With Magento 2 product review and rating incentive system, the owner can see the review reports, product review reports and customer review reports with the incentive details.

Why Review Reminder and Incentives Extension matter?

Reviews can be negative or positive and before buying a product people choose to read both. Try approving mixed reviews otherwise, the customer finds it suspicious.

There are some advantages of having a review system in your eCommerce store:

  1. Transparency and trust: It builds trust through transparency and customers prefer buying products with good reviews.
  2. Reward with Incentive: Allows customers to earn incentives by giving feedback
  3. Google might show you on top– Google improves your SEO ranking in search results if your website has a rating and review system.
  4. Lower returns: Customers rely on feedback for purchase and it has been observed that the return rates decrease for a reviewed and rated product.
  5. Genuine feedback: You can improve the quality of your product by observing the reviews because genuine feedback allows you to analyse the faults and issues of the product.

Final Thought:

As I mentioned earlier that a review can be positive or negative and I prefer reading negative reviews over positive ones. Not because I rejoice or derive pleasure from the misfortunes of others but to find out if the product is worth buying or not. Magento 2 Product Review Reminder and Incentives plugin is a good option if you believe in close-review system because the owner can approve the reviews before displaying them.

If you are looking for a product review extension for Magento 2 store then increase your sales and conversions with this perfectly designed module. The Product Review Reminder and Incentives module is also available for PrestaShop and Magento platform!

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