How to Retain Your Customers amid the Coronavirus Outbreak?


Due to COVID-19 global pandemic, businesses have been hit hard, and the revenue has dropped significantly.People are reluctant to stay at home. Except for buying some essentials like grocery items and medicines, they are avoiding every other stuff as much as they can.No one can be put at fault for this (well, of course from where it originated). Brands and their customers, both are helpless currently, and its difficult to see any good signs until we are able to bring the situation under control.

5 Tips to Retain Customers amid the COVID-19 pandemic

One of the biggest challenges online businesses are facing nowadays is to retain their existing clients or customers. And it is also true everyone is going through a difficult period in this crisis. Some of the effective ways to retain your clients or customers and keep them reassured.

1. Communicate with your customers frequently


In the current phase, communication matters a lot. The lockdown has started taking a toll on people. The feeling of anxiety and restlessness has got better of them. The best way to calm their nerves is by communicating with them periodically and reminding them that we are all in this together. Be it through email or social media, do whatever it takes to remove the communication gap. Keep in touch.

2. Keep them informed of the changes in your business

The COVID-19 outbreak would might have forced you to come up with some unfortunate changes in your business. Unfortunate or whatever, it is important that your customers are informed about the smallest of things happening around the brand of which they have been a loyal customer for long.

  • What sorts of actions you are taking or if you made any changes to your policies, keep them updated.
  • Many eCommerce businesses are currently facing issues with shipping and delivery and they are not even accepting orders. Customers need to be aware of that. Inform them when they can expect their order to get delivered.

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3. Create Helpful Content

While your customers stay at home and finding something productive to do during quarantine, it is the best time to drop quality content in their inbox.

  • Come up with some creative ideas. Writing blog posts or articles are one of the best ways to engage with your customers and retain them.
  • Express your views on this global pandemic.
  • If you took some initiatives for the betterment of this world or helped the government in some way or planned something for your customers, write quality content about it and send it to your customers.

4. Offer a discount/Give away some freebies


Discounts are always enticing. But you may be wondering how that can be helpful at a time when customers are not even placing orders.

  • Well, what you can do is run an offer or set a coupon code through which customers will get an instant discount on their purchase. You can get the payment in advance and promise to deliver as soon as the situation is normal and delivery is resumed.
  • This is basically for businesses that offer physical delivery. For businesses that deal with selling and buying of goods online, you can cut-down your product or service charges and provide them at a slightly lesser cost.
  • If you have a gift card section on your website, you can drop down the gift card charges a bit and encourage them to shop. Tell your customers that they can redeem the gift card once the lockdown is over.

Talking about us, we have also made some of our modules free of cost for our customers/eCommerce merchants, as a token of support.

5. Be active on Social Media


Social media has become a platform for brands to engage or communicate with their audience. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are the most popular among youth, and it’s very much possible that 90% of your customer base has an account on those platforms.

In this lockdown period, your customers are probably spending most of their time on social media. This is the best time to engage with your customers or page followers. Be active on your social media pages and post valuable and intriguing content periodically. How about hosting a Facebook or Instagram live?

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Final Thoughts

Do not overthink about retaining customers. Customers also know that every business is going through a difficult phase. They will certainly be back when we get rid of this COVID-19 pandemic. Just give your best shot and do everything possible from your end to reassure your customers.

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