What are different ways of reducing Post-Holiday Returns?


It is very essential to reduce post-holiday returns. Industry, sales channel, product type, and how to return data are collected and counted all affecting return rates. Further, the younger customers are driving the trend according to the reports. The reason is, they see internet purchases as rentals. Moreover, returns might rapidly undo your holiday success if you don’t account for them and discover:

  1. Sales are lower than expected
  2. Converted fewer clients than the originally
  3. Compared to sales cost and profit margins, sales cost is higher and profit margins are lower.

Therefore, in this blog, we will be discussing ways of reducing holiday returns and automating the returns process. However, before that, we will understand why it’s important to reduce the returns?

Why it’s important to reduce the returns?

The first step is to analyze why do people are returning products as this will give you valuable insights and even make you understand the real problem. Furthermore, it is to everyone’s best advantage to reduce the number of returns you receive. 

You might not be aware but lesser returns can save a lot of money on replacement items, shipping, as well as other factors. Moreover, it provides a better as well as efficient customer experience which is again good for eCommerce business. As a result, trust is created between your business and potential buyers.  

Henceforth, keeping the rate of return lower can result in better business. 

What are the ways of reducing returns?

  • Begin with quality control

The first way that helps in reducing post-holiday returns is “Begining with quality control”. Furthermore, 23% of returns happen as companies ship an incorrect item. Mis-ship happens usually when businesses grow.

Being a small retailer, you can wrap as well as send every order. It would be great if you double-check the order before shipping. When you adopt a hands-on approach, it’s easy to ensure that shipments are proper. Whereas larger businesses can opt for automation that can help you in resolving the issues. Furthermore, the Inventory management software includes a warehouse management feature that helps in reducing the number of returns your receive. 

  • High-Quality Photos

High-quality photos can even help in reducing post-holiday returns. Furthermore, such photos help customers understand the product better. Make sure you take pictures from different angles to make customers understand each feature of the product. 

In case you are not good at photography, feel free to hire a professional photographer. Money spent on getting good pictures will pay for itself with a reduced return rate. 

  • Better Product Descriptions

Writing better product descriptions can help customers understand the product well. Speaking about better product descriptions, make sure you include everything about the product. For example, if you have been selling furniture, make sure your product descriptions consist of measurement of the product, color, and material. This way customers can decide better and this will create transparency which is liked by customers a lot. 

  • Represent Sizing Correctly

Products that do not fit are one of the most common reasons for returns in the apparel industry. Because online buyers can’t try on garments before buying them, it’s understandable that products be returned because they don’t fit.

With the assistance of resources like size software and sizing charts, you may limit the number of returns you receive due to sizing concerns.

Knowband Modules assist in reducing post-holiday returns

Knowband, known as an eCommerce solution provider and module development company. Furthermore, Knowband has earned a reputation for offering efficient development services and post-sales support. Moreover, it offers a boost to your business by offering best-in-class plugins for different eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, Shopify, and others. 

Knowband even offers some great modules for reducing post-holiday returns as well as reading the specifications of these modules helps in reducing the chances of return.

Module 1: Product size chart


The product size chart module helps in reducing post-holiday returns. Knowband offers this module for different eCommerce platforms such as:

Prestashop Addons

Magento 2 ® Extensions

Magento ® Extensions

Opencart Extension

Module 2: Product Video


The product video module is highly beneficial for eCommerce businesses. This helps customers to understand the product better. As a result, the return chances get reduced. Knowband even offers the module for different eCommerce platforms:

Magento 2 ® Extensions

Magento ® Extensions

OpenCart Extensions

Prestashop Addons

Module 3: Gift Card


Digital Gift Cards are a blessing for eCommerce stores. These enable customers to purchase accordingly from the specific store. Gift cards even provide freedom to permit them to purchase what they need. Furthermore, this offers the satisfaction of having gifted well.

PrestaShop Addons

Opencart Extensions

Magento 2 ® Extensions

Magento ® Extensions

Module 4: Product Review


Product review also helps customers make decisions better and feel more confident. Furthermore, the more reviews you have, the more confident a customer is that they’re making the right choice. Reviews can also assist a store’s internet visibility.

Product Review Reminder And Incentives – Prestashop Addons

Review Reminder And Incentives – Magento 2 ® Extensions

Review Reminder And Incentives – Magento ® Extensions

Final Note

Analyzing as well as testing your approach to returns and ways of measuring up to your peers is a great way of generating a return on your post-holiday returns. Along with that, another way of generating a return on post-holiday returns is by utilizing these modules.

In case you face trouble, feel free to write us at support@knowband.com

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