The Story of the Biggest Timber and Wood Business in the UK, Ron Currie & Sons.

The Story of the Biggest Timber and Wood Business in the UK, Ron Currie & Sons!

Business success stories are what encourage people to give their dream businesses a go. In this modern world, more than half of total shopping takes place online. There are a lot of successful examples of merchants who have started their business online with their authenticity and have a well-reputed brand name today.

For example, we will discuss the massive business of Timber and Woods. “Ron Currie & Sons” is one of the top-ranked dry goods businesses in the United Kingdom. The eCommerce company, which is based in Nottinghamshire, England, not only sells in the UK but also provides services to customers all over the world via the eBay Marketplace.

The world-famous Ron Currie & Sons started their timber business with all the aid and hard work of their family in 1974. In the initial phase, the business was only known for selling the best timber products in Sutton-in-Ashfield. The Ron Currie & Sons business just did not remain trapped in Sutton-in-Ashfield. The business expanded its wings in major areas like Mansfield, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Annesley, Clipstone, and expanding.

About Ron Currie & Sons!

Since its establishment in 1974 by the Currie family, the business has seen various ups and downs in its journey. However, we can see Ron Currie & Sons selling on the eBay Marketplace and expanding their beautiful services to every corner of the world.

Ron Currie & Sons logo

Ron Currie & Sons has their eCommerce shop and sells the same adorable products on the eBay marketplace. Not only in the personalized OpenCart shop, but Ron Currie & Sons also has a family of 1.5 million+ happy customers on the eBay Marketplace. As everyone knows, it takes a lot of effort to put a brand name on the table in a colossal marketplace like eBay. The Currie & Sons family continued to offer their precious customers the best goods at the most reasonable prices. As a result, the brand is one of the major dry goods providers in the United Kingdom.

Products offered by Ron Currie & Sons!

Ron Currie & Sons are known for being the best wood business in the United Kingdom. Ron Currie and his family sell the best wood products like door frames, windows, gates, garage doors, decorative trims, planks of hardwood timber, and many more countless adorable products.

The Story of the Biggest Timber and Wood Business in the UK, Ron Currie & Sons.

Ron Currie & Sons on the eBay Marketplace:

The Ron Currie & Sons family has a happy family with over 1.9 thousand followers on the eBay Marketplace. Moreover, if we have an eye on the product sold count, the number is incomparable. Ron Currie & Sons have delivered almost 2 million products to eBay customers.

The Story of the Biggest Timber and Wood Business in the UK, Ron Currie & Sons.


Without using pompous decorations on the eBay shop page, the Ron Currie & Sons shop attracts customers with positive reviews of over 22,000.

Customers are engaged and encouraged to complete orders of their favorite products not only through reviews but also through other lucrative products.

The Story of the Biggest Timber and Wood Business in the UK, Ron Currie & Sons.

Ron Currie & Sons on personalized eCommerce Store:

Ron Curries & Sons not only run their family business on the eBay Marketplace but also provides various category offerings from their shop,

The personalized eCommerce shop is specially tailored to offer all the essential commodities for various occasions like decorating homes, offices, garages, and other goods used for various purposes.

What aids Ron Currie & Sons sell on eBay!

It always sounds like a typical task to manage two different platforms for selling the same products with the same stock. It was a critical task initially for the Ron Currie & Sons team to manage the eBay business along with the personalized OpenCart shop. Knowband eBay Marketplace Integration Extension does the job for Ron Currie & Son’s business. With the assistance of Knowband’s eBay Integration Extension, the Ron Currie and Sons team can now manage selling on both platforms right from their OpenCart store.

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At last:

Decent business stories like the Ron Currie family and their timber business always add a lot of zest to business dreams. As eBay has a well-reputed image in the eCommerce industry, the platform is offering worldwide vendors the opportunity to present their unique products in front of a wide customer audience.

Like Ron Currie & Sons, you can also sell on the eBay Marketplace from your eCommerce store with the assistance of the Knowband eBay marketplace connector.


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