HubBox Error: _messageErrorTemplate is not a function

Problem Statement

On searching the wrong address in the HubBox popup, there is no error message. When checked on the console, you are getting an error like “_messageErrorTemplate is not a function“.


The error: “_messageErrorTemplate is not a function” is coming because this function is not declared as function in the HubBox library.

HubBox Error
To fix this issue you need to make some changes in the library of HubBox:

You need to make changes in the below two files:

1. \HubBox\Java\src\main\resources\static\index.html
2. \HubBox\Java\out\production\resources\static\index.html

In these files, search the below code:

var _messageErrorTemplate = Mustache.render(_messageError || "");
var _messageWarning = $(selectors.messages.warning).html();
var _messageWarningTemplate = Mustache.render(_messageWarning || "");

and replace this with the below code:

var _messageErrorTemplate = function() { return Mustache.render(_messageError || ""); };
var _messageWarning = $(selectors.messages.warning).html();
var _messageWarningTemplate = function() { return Mustache.render(_messageWarning || ""); };

By declaring ‘_messageErrorTemplate‘ and ‘_messageWarningTemplate‘ as function, now you will get an error message on searching wrong address in the HubBox popup.

HubBox Error

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