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It wasn’t long ago that having a successful business was linked to having a well-designed website that attracted people and encouraged them to buy from you. That was, without a doubt, a long time ago. Now things have changed.

At the moment, the market is all about staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology advancements. After the website transitioned to native applications, things became a lot easier for users and more valuable for shop merchants. Regardless, with fast internet, native apps shot off like a rocket. However, if the web speed is slow, native apps would fail. This is where Progressive Web Apps (also popular as eCommerce PWA) come into play.

What exactly are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

An eCommerce Progressive Web App isn’t equivalent to some other web application. It works much the same way as a customary versatile site in that you access it utilizing your cell phone’s product. Notwithstanding, truly, the PWA incorporates front-end innovation that permits it to capacity and feels like a local application.

If you have a Prestashop store, the Prestashop PWA Mobile App can help you grow your eCommerce business faster than before. The Progressive Web App for Prestashop provides your clients with a consistent shopping experience. Moreover, access to your content regardless of whether there is a weak or non-existent internet connection.

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Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder Highlights

Arrangement with a white label

When a store owner creates an eCommerce mobile app, the app must be labeled with the brand’s name. With Knowband’s eCommerce PWA, the admin may be certain that the output will be under the brand name and have nothing to do with Knowband, as per the white label agreement.

Product listing is available

The eCommerce Progressive Web App’s highlighted product listing functionality allows you to add different product/class-based components. Using redirection, these components may efficiently update with the standards. The top goods will feature on the first page of the web application by the shop vendor.

Customization is simple

By visiting the website, customers may easily add the PWA for Prestashop to their Home Screen. From the back-end, the shop administrator may easily build and customize the home screen.

It improves engagement and is dependable

In terms of dependability/reliability, the Prestashop eCommerce PWA App operates even when there is no or a shaky internet connection. Whereas native applications require a stable internet connection, eCommerce PWAs may surely function without it. Because of the Push Notifications feature, the equivalent is thought to boost consumer engagement. With the Prestashop PWA Mobile App Creator, the shop admin may send an unlimited number of push alerts to users.

Similarity across several devices

Prestashop PWA Mobile App Maker is fully compatible with all hand-held devices. For instance, mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, and more.


The Prestashop Progressive Web App does not require downloading from the Google Play Store or the App Store, unlike native applications. The former can be in MegaBytes or GigaBytes. However, the Prestashop PWA Mobile App is lightweight and does not require downloading. Instead, the customer should install on the mobile phone’s Home Screen to access the content.

Log in using email and social media

The store administrator may utilize PWA for Prestashop to allow users to register or log in using their email addresses, exactly as they do with social login ids. Users will find it much easier to go to the business as a result of this.

Synchronization in real-time

The Prestashop PWA Mobile App is your best option when you require your website and applications’ content to be in sync with one another. The live synchronization allows everything that happens on the website for viewing on the app as well. For instance, the admin can remove unavailable items, products can expand, orders can place, and more.

Mode for use when you’re not connected to the internet

The offline feature of the Prestashop Progressive Web App ensures that consumers may access the store’s content even if they have a poor internet connection.

All payment and shipping methods are accepted

Regardless of the payment options available on your eCommerce store, you’ll want to use Prestashop to integrate them into your eCommerce PWA. Similarly, the plugin will provide all of the delivery options available in the eCommerce shop.

Checkout on a single page

The Prestashop plugin comes with a built-in single-page checkout that just asks for the most basic information from the user. It also allows you to evaluate the entire order details before completing the payment.

Add to Cart button the Home Page and Category Page

The customers can effortlessly add products to the cart from the Homepage and Category pages. Using the plugin, the customers don’t have to think twice before adding the products because the home screen and category pages now have the Add to Cart button available.

With the compatibility of the Prestashop Automatic Related Products addon, the Prestashop Progressive Web App allows the admin to upsell items. Furthermore, he can display related products on the website for the customers to choose and shop more. Therefore, more potential sales and revenues.

Quantity Stepper On the Product page

The quantity stepper is a new addition that lets customers of the Prestashop PWA Mobile App raise or lower the number of individual products before submitting them to their basket. The +/- button on the product screen of the Prestashop addon is all that is required of consumers.

Benefits of the Prestashop Progressive Web App by Knowband

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Apps for iOS and Android are less costly

When compared to distributing content for iOS, Android, and a website independently, it saves time and money because material only needs to be created once. Additionally, the Prestashop eCommerce PWA App does not require any updates. No new material is likely to be downloaded by users. If a Prestashop PWA works, you won’t have to worry about developing it anymore. This makes eCommerce PWA a financially viable option.

Optimization for SEO purposes

The contents of an eCommerce Progressive Web App feature in search results. Thus, helping to enhance SEO. With Google Tools, you can see how your Progressive Web App for Prestashop works in the SERPs. A Prestashop Progressive Web App’s security and loading performance are important considerations. Furthermore, as is typically the case with SEO, the material must be distinctive and applicable. Because so many services and goods can now be found online, SEO is becoming increasingly important.

Page speed improves

When upgrading to a Prestashop eCommerce PWA App, you must first do a complete website upgrade. This ensures that you don’t just benefit from the advantages of caching services employees, but that you can also get rid of scar tissue that limits your sitting. By upgrading to best practices, you may make your website a speed devil, providing you a significant advantage over your competitors.

When the guest returns, the cached resources reduce latencies in the organization, increasing your regular probability to the first byte and making page loading faster. With the aid of the Prestashop PWA Mobile App Builder, it will be a lot easier.

Low storage requirements

The competition for a seat on the gadgets is still going on. It’s also becoming increasingly difficult for native shopping applications to gain traction in consumers’ lives. As a result, the eCommerce Progressive Web App shouldn’t have a large use restriction. Above all, there is no compelling motive to download any new app, hence the edge is modest. As a result, your selected group is permitted to test the Prestashop Progressive Web App. They can also make use of the Offline app. It also uses less memory than native programs, which is an important consideration for certain users.

Functioning without an internet connection

eCommerce PWAs are far more useful than websites that need a legal Internet connection since they can function offline or in unreliable networks. As a result, built-in service workers save basic highlights and information from progressive web apps, avoiding the need to download them and allowing users to access them even when they are not connected to the internet.

It is based, for example, on the storing of information from recently visited pages by users. This is important for retailers since it encourages shoppers to stay in their shops and increases customer retention.

No need for App Stores

Progressive Web App for Prestashop is available via a search engine and other websites. You could also be able to provide a Prestashop PWA Mobile App through a social networking site, your homepage, or another part of your environment. You are no longer reliant on app stores. App stores, on the other hand, offer the advantage of being able to reach a large audience all at once.

Check the demo here:

Front demo.

Back Demo.


Prestashop Progressive Web App is adaptable, and best of all, we receive all of the crucial business aspects. This Knowband module will be beneficial to your eCommerce business and will broaden your horizons. Moreover, the Prestashop plugin helps you increase sales and revenues. If you want to know more about the module, you can check out the product page at Knowband. Or, you can drop an email to us at with your queries and we’ll help you through.

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