The Success Story of idro-web with Knowband One Page Super Checkout for Prestashop

The Success Story of idro-web with Knowband One Page Super Checkout for Prestashop

It is evident that for any e-commerce website, the checkout process stands as the final phase of order completion. It is the last interaction a customer has with your online store before becoming a paying customer, making it a crucial aspect of any e-commerce business. Further, streamlining this process can significantly impact sales and conversions, as idro-web discovered when they integrated Knowband One Page Checkout for Prestashop into their website.

Challenges of the Traditional Checkout Faced by idro-web

The idro-web, an online store specializing in various products related to water treatment and purification, was no stranger to the challenges of the traditional multi-step checkout process. Despite offering a wide range of high-quality products, their conversion rate at the checkout stage was lower than expected. Also, at some point, this rate started following the negative slope. Moreover, customers were often abandoning their shopping carts during the checkout process. The main reason for this was the lengthy, time-consuming process, and unnecessary steps in the checkout.

Recognizing the need for a solution to boost their conversions, the team at idro-web began their search for a Prestashop module that could address these issues. Therefore, after extensive research, they stumbled upon the Knowband Prestashop One Step Checkout Addon.

Knowband Prestashop Fast Checkout Addon

Prestashop Quick checkout addon is a powerful module designed to simplify the checkout process. Additionally, it helps in enhancing user experience and boosting conversions. It condenses the multi-step checkout into a single, user-friendly page, making it faster and easier for customers to complete their purchases.

After discovering this module, idro-web was joyous with its potential to resolve the issues they were experiencing with their checkout process. The team decided to give it a try, and the journey to transform their checkout experience began.

The Implementation: Streamlining the Checkout Process

The implementation of the Knowband Prestashop simplified checkout addon was a straightforward process. Further, the idro-web team integrated the module seamlessly into their Prestashop-based website. Therefore, the module’s user-friendly interface allowed them to customize the checkout page to match their brand’s needs. Also, it helped maintain a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire shopping process.

By having the checkout on a single page, the module eliminates unnecessary steps and the amount of time and effort to complete a purchase. Further, this simplicity was a game-changer for idro-web, and they were excited to see the impact on their customer’s shopping experience.

The Results: A Remarkable Transformation

result of integrating the quick checkout addon Prestashop


The result of integrating the quick checkout addon Prestashop was nothing short of remarkable. As soon as Knowband One Page Supercheckout was implemented, idro-web witnessed a drastic change in their checkout conversion rates. Customers now find it easier to navigate the checkout process. Additionally, the store’s abandoned cart rate dropped significantly.

1. Improved User Experience: 

The streamlined, one-page checkout process made it effortless for customers to complete their purchases. Customers appreciated the simplicity and convenience, which helped achieve a higher satisfaction level.

2. Faster Checkout: 

With reduced steps and less time required to complete the purchase, customers were more likely to proceed to the checkout and complete their transactions.

3. Reduced Abandoned Carts: 

The most crucial improvement was the significant reduction in abandoned shopping carts. The idro-web business saw a remarkable drop in the number of customers leaving their site during the checkout process. Therefore, this was ultimately helpful in boosting their sales and revenue.

4. Increased Conversions: 

The combined effects of improved user experience, faster checkout, and reduced abandoned carts led to a remarkable increase in conversions. As a result, the business can turn more visitors into paying customers now.

Customer Feedback: A Glowing Testimonial

One of the most compelling aspects of the idro-web success story is the feedback from its customers. The store received numerous positive reviews regarding the improved checkout experience. Customers were not only completing their purchases but also taking the time to express their satisfaction with the changes.

After using the Prestashop fast checkout addon, the business started to experience exponential growth and decided to take some customizations too. The Knowband’s team of experts assisted the idro-web in the implementation of custom features as per their business requirements. 

The Ongoing Benefits: Sustainable Growth

The implementation of Knowband One Page Supercheckout brought more than just short-term success. Now, the idro-web is on the path of continuous growth:


The Ongoing Benefits Sustainable Growth


1. Increased Repeat Business: 

Satisfied customers were more likely to return for future purchases, leading to a growth in the number of loyal customers.

2. Enhanced SEO and Ranking: 

With improved user experience and reduced bounce rates, the business website experienced better SEO rankings and visibility in search results.

3. Competitive Advantage: 

The streamlined checkout process gave idro-web a competitive edge over other e-commerce stores in their domain.

4. Continued Support: 

Knowband modules are known for their continuous updates and support, ensuring that idro-web would always have access to the latest features and optimizations.


The journey of idro-web with Knowband One Page Checkout Prestashop is proof of the transformative power of simplifying the checkout process. By streamlining its checkout, idro-web improved its business drastically. Their customers’ satisfaction levels and the store’s reputation were significantly enhanced.

If you’re facing similar challenges with your e-commerce checkout process, consider the journey of idro-web and the impact of Knowband One Page Supercheckout. Streamlining your checkout experience could be the key to unlocking higher conversions, customer satisfaction, and long-term success for your online business. Please do not hesitate to connect with the Knowband team. Further, we will be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable extensions for your website.



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