What’s New in Order Pages in PrestaShop

What’s New in Order Pages in PrestaShop

One of the major changes in the latest PrestaShop version (Beta) focuses on the order management page. New features have been introduced around the order process.

As per the PrestaShop team, the pages were becoming unpleasant because they looked old-fashioned and the same was the case with its hierarchy of information which led to inefficiency and misunderstanding for the merchants. This is why this page was put more stress in particular.

Let’s see the changes that have taken place in PrestaShop 1.7.7

Listing Orders Page

The new features in the listing order page help merchants save time and boost productivity.

1. Preview Order Details

A dropdown toggle is added right next to the serial number that opens a panel indicating the needful order information. Earlier, merchants had to open the order to check related information but now they can preview it by just clicking on the toggle.

The order preview displays the following information: Invoice address, Shipping address, Customer details, Carrier details, Tracking ID and the Products’ list.

The Products’ list displays only the first 10 products; the remaining can be seen by expanding the list. The product information displayed consists of product name, reference, stock location, quantity, tax price and total price (tax included or tax excluded).

There’s a new hook called displayOrderPreview on the bottom of the preview that allows adding new elements on the preview

2. Editable Order Status Labels

It allows merchants to update the order status directly from the listing, making it a time-saving process.

3. Order Status Color

Order status have been grouped into four different colors-

Dark Blue: Orders awaiting a customer action

Light Blue: Orders awaiting a merchant action

Green: No action required from the merchant, i.e. when the product gets shipped or delivered.

Red or Black: Payment error

This helps merchants identify the work to be done between the order placement and delivery.

4. Easy Access to Customer’s Profile

Earlier, merchants were required to open the order to access the customer page. It can now be accessed from the orders listing. Merchants just need to click on the customer’s name which will open the customer page in a new tab.

5. Redesigning of Bulk Action

It is now easy to take bulk action. Merchants can now process multiple orders in just three clicks. How?

  • Select orders for which you want to update the status at once
  • Choose the new order status from the drop-down list in the popup
  • Validate the new status update

The bulk action was redesigned to make it more visible and quicker to use.

6. Open Orders in New Tabs

Merchants can now open multiple orders at once on the new tabs. All they need to do is select the orders and click on new tabs under bulk action.

Order Details Page

A few features have been added in the PrestaShop version 1.7.7 focused on improving the readability and the position of the information.

1. Pagination in Products Listing

The products’ listing is now in the form of pagination, allowing merchants to navigate to different pages separately and hence putting an end to the endless and unreadable list of products in one place. Moreover, the products’ list has been moved to the top of the page which was earlier at the bottom and required merchants to continuously scroll to view the ordered products. Pagination works when there are more than 8 products.

2. Pack and Customized Products

For customized products, texts or files are displayed below the product. While the files are added to a new column on the same line, the texts are displayed below each other.

For a pack of products, a link below the product pack displays related products along with the order quantity and available product stock in a popup.

3. Message Interface

The message interface is now designed like messaging apps. The customer-merchant conversation pop-in displays the 4 latest messages and allows a merchant to see the entire conversation. At the 5th message, a link is displayed to open the pop-in which displays the complete conversation.

4. New Hooks Positions

The hooks have been relocated to more strategic positions to match the layout redesign and provide a better user experience.

The PrestaShop team has been continuously working over the last few months to deliver these new features and fix many bugs on these pages.

You should definitely switch your PrestaShop store to the new beta version

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