Introducing Knowband Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon


Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon offered by Knowband helps to make the payment for the product bought during check-out with the help of the e-wallet system. Furthermore, with the assistance of customer’s wallets, payments done by customers become easier, quicker, and more secure. Regardless of the time or place, you can do it from anywhere and anytime. 

Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon

All they have to do is add money to their digital wallet with the help of credit/debit cards or even online payment. As a result, you can utilize the e-wallet system at the time of purchase from your eCommerce store.

Prestashop Wallet System Module’s features you must know:

  • Use customer wallet for payments

With the usage of the Prestashop Wallet System Module, store admin can easily permit clients to make payments. These payments can be done by the wallet.

Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon

  •  Enable or disable the module

Enabling or disabling Prestashop Wallet System Module is very easy. This module can be enabled as well as disabled by the store merchant from the backend of the addon. 

  • Partial Payment

Another incredible feature of the addon is partial payment feature which allows customers to utilize the value available in the wallet along with other payment methods. 

To make you understand better, let’s take an example. A customer has $50 in the wallet however the value of the order is $100. In this situation, he will face problems. Now, he can utilize the wallet money with another payment method easily. Besides that, he can even go for a credit/debit card or online payment for the same.

  • Prestashop Customer Wallet Module offers negative balance functionality

Negative balance functionality is one of the incredible feature of the module. In case the customer has a less amount in the wallet than the total order value, he/she can place the order. After this happens, the wallet amount goes into the negative value. The customer, for example, has $90 in his wallet. The order will still go through even if the cart value is $100. As a result, the wallet will show a $10 negative balance.

  • Name and image of the wallet is customizable

Prestashop Wallet System module allows store merchant to name the customer’s wallet according to his wish. Similarly, the product image in the cart can be customized when the client is recharging the wallet.

  • Set maximum and minimum amount for recharge

Prestashop Wallet System Module allows the store admin to set a maximum as well as the minimum amount for wallet recharge. Further, he can even set a fixed amount for wallet recharges even if he disables the functionality.

  • Effortlessly track customer wallets 

Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon  offers a feature called tracking customer wallets effortlessly. With the help of this feature, the admin can seamlessly track the clients that are using their digital wallets for making payments. Total Recharge, Amount Spent, Canceled/Pending Balance, he can check everything and more from the backend.

  • Tracking the wallet orders is easy:

Store merchants can easily track all the wallet orders swiftly.  

  • Discount settings

Discount settings is a great feature offered by Prestashop Wallet System Module. Furthermore, with the help of this feature, store merchants can easily promote the wallet functionality by providing discounts on the same. When the customer pays via an e-wallet system, he can easily offer cashback or a discount. Another benefit merchants attain is setting up rules for discounts which includes:

  1. How much should be the cart value for the discount?
  2. Decide if the discount is to be fixed or percentage-wise.
  3. Discount expiration
  • Status update: 

The admin can simply update the Initial Order Status, Recharge Status, and Cancel Recharge Status from the back of the Customer Wallet.

With Prestashop Wallet System Module, you can deposit the fund link in the front end. with that this functionality allows the store admin to showcase the tiny wallet balance icon throughout the website and this functionality only works when you enable it. When the merchant hovers on the icon, it pulls out and suggests recharging the wallet.

  • Setting the maximum and minimum amount for recharge:

Here, the admin can set a maximum and minimum amount for wallet recharge. Further, in case he disables the functionality, he can set a fixed amount for wallet recharges.

  •  Cron addition: 

The admin can run the Cron functionality for deleting the Recharge Products automatically.

  • Tracking customer wallets is effortless:

 Here, the admin can seamlessly track the customers who use their digital wallets for making payments. He can check Total Recharge, Amount Spent, Canceled/Pending Balance, and more from the backend.

Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon

Can the admin expect benefits from the module?

  • Prestashop store admin can expect a lot of benefits from the module. The module functions similarly to an online payment gateway. Furthermore, the possibility to pay a portion of an order using a wallet can be enabled by the store administrator. Furthermore, he or she can complete the remaining tasks using a different payment method.
  • The customer’s wallet transaction can be viewed by the admin from the backend of the module. Moreover, the customer’s wallet transaction history in detail can be viewed as well. 
  • Purchases made with the wallet, the store admin can even track them.
  • Every customer love discounts. With the assistance of the Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon , the store admin is free to offer discounts to the customers. Furthermore, the admin can decide, whether he wants to keep the discount fixed or percentage-wise for the customers.

Customer benefits of the Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon :

1. Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon allows customers to add money to their wallets by using different payment options. 

2. Customer can still pay for the order even if there isn’t enough money in the wallet for payment. This will lead to a negative balance in the wallet. The amount gets deducted when the customer recharges the wallet.

3. Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon allows customers to access their wallet balances and transactions by logging into their accounts.

Final Thought

Store merchants who are new to this eCommerce business might not be aware of the importance of a payment system. The payment system is one of the most important factors that might influence whether or not a potential consumer stays on your site. Customers have shown that they prefer to shop on websites that offer a variety of payment options. Some people prefer to pay using cash, while others prefer to use a credit card. The concept of paying with a digital wallet, on the other hand, has recently taken the eCommerce industry by storm. The wallet feature in online retailers has a big impact on the conversion rate of customers. Hence, Prestashop Customer Wallet Addon.

In case you find any issue with the installation of the module or any other feature, feel free to write us at Along with the efficient module, Knowband also provides efficient post-sales support to the customers.

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