Understanding OpenCart Image Search Extension

Understanding OpenCart Image Search Extension

What do we do when we want to buy a product online? We open an eCommerce website, type the product’s name in the search bar, add the desired product to the cart, and checkout. It’s way too simple, right?

But let’s say you are browsing Instagram and saw a cool outfit on your feed. You liked it in the very first look and feel the desire to have the same outfit. How will you search for it?

It will be very difficult to find the exact outfit. This is where the Image search option helps, and if you have a store on the OpenCart platform and want to provide your users with the option to conduct image search and get related results, OpenCart Image Search extension is all you need.

The extension adds the image search functionality on your website with the help of which consumers can upload an image and check if the similar product is available on your store. The extension uses machine learning to recognize the image and presents relevant results in front of the customer.


1. Incorporates an image upload option right next to the search bar, allowing users to perform an image search. The extension detects the image and accordingly the products that match the image are displayed to the customers.

2. The extension also adds a “Search Visually Same Product” tab on your product pages right below the “Add to Cart” button. This is helpful when customers want to explore different variants or designs of the product. This setting can be disabled.

3. There is also the option to set the “threshold percentage” which indicates the accuracy of the product. Higher the accuracy, better the results! You can add the range between 50-100. It is recommended to keep the threshold percentage to 95 for best results.

4. OpenCart Image Search module displays the total number of images on the website, and how many out of them are mapped, unmapped and need to be synced. You can also know the reason behind the unmapped images. Newly added images are automatically synced.


1. OpenCart Image Search extension improves the search functionality of your website.

2. The extension enhances user experience.

3. It makes online shopping more convenient as shoppers can look for a similar product by uploading the product image.

4. An easy way to search the desired product.

5. Saves customers’ time and efforts.

6. Easy to install and configure without requiring any technical knowledge.

For any assistance regarding the module, contact us at support@knowband.com

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