Encourage In-store Pickup with OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup Extension

Encourage in-store pickup with opencart store locator and pickup extension

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many retail businesses, primarily the grocery business owners, have marked their online presence to help customers get the grocery items without any hassle. Otherwise, there is a massive gathering of people at grocery stores which we strictly want to avoid in this particular time.

Hence, to ensure social distancing is maintained and consumers do not feel troubled to get essentials, retail businesses shifted their business on the online platform as well.

If you have just set your online grocery business or already have one on the OpenCart platform and looking for a module that could provide the in-store pickup facility to the customers, OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup module will fulfill your requirements.

OpenCart Store locator and Pickup module

OpenCart Store Locator | In-store Pickup

OpenCart Store Locator and In-store Pickup extension encourages the online pickup facility. It lets you add your business stores on your websites and helps customers pick up their items by selecting their nearby store.


1. Add multiple stores

2. Specify the store timings

3. Set time slots for pickup

4. Customers can choose the desired date and time-slot

5. Customers can check the nearby stores by setting distance filter

6. Set maximum days pickup period

7. Notify store about pickup orders via email

8. Embed Google Maps for easy navigation


1. OpenCart Store Locator module lets you list multiple stores on your website. You can either add stores manually or through CSV upload. The stores are displayed to the customers on the checkout page.

OpenCart Store Locator configurations

When adding a new store, you need to mention some mandatory details like store name, address, map coordinates (latitude and longitude), store email address and the store picture.

2. For a particular store, you can specify its working days and timings, for example, if a store remains closed on a specific day, that day can be disabled. For the rest of the days, the timings can be adjusted accordingly. It does not need to be same for every day.

OpenCart In-store Pickup

3. The store timings can be split into multiple pick-up time slots. You can specify the gap (in hours) that should remain between two consecutive time slots. For example, if the store timing is 10 am to 8 pm and the gap defined is 2 hours, then the available time slots would be 10 am to 12 pm, 12 pm to 2 pm, and so on till 6 pm to 8 pm.

4. With OpenCart In-store Pickup extension, you can define the maximum days’ pickup period. Let’s say the period is set for a maximum 15 days, then a customer will have to choose the desired pickup date within 15 days from the date of order.

5. To let customers easily locate the store, you can embed Google maps by specifying its API key and then specify the location coordinates of a particular store. This ensures easy navigation to the store address.

6. The customers can look for the stores in their area by specifying their address or they can sort the store results by distance (in km) to locate their nearby stores.

7. You can also add a separate section of the store locator on the header.

8. OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup extension lets you notify the stores about the pickup orders via email. The email can be customized.

9. Customers can also add any important comments related to their order pickup.

10. OpenCart In-store Pickup extension offers multi-lingual support.

Final Thoughts

The in-store pickup facility is probably the best idea currently considering that social distancing needs to be maintained strictly.

So, by incorporating the OpenCart Store Locator and Pickup extension on your website, you are not ensuring that social distancing is maintained but also saving a lot of time of you and your customers.

Considering other benefits, customers do not need to worry about the shipping or delivery cost and you make it easy for them to get the essentials at their desired time.

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