Best Strategies for Boosting Sales on Your Online Store

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This time of year is the best for e-commerce businesses. The new year is the busiest season for eCommerce businesses. Throughout the holiday season, households spend without any hesitations as per the estimation. Almost two-thirds of those purchases go-to online shops. 

You can’t, however, take higher sales as a sure thing if you run an online store. Having a digital marketing strategy will be essential during the holiday season when competition on social media and Google Ads is fierce. In the meantime, shady landing pages and bad UX can dramatically hurt conversions as potential buyers start to swarm into the store.To assist you and your store, we will discuss some of the strategies to boost eCommerce Store sales:

Gamified Subscription Pop-up


The “spin and win” subscription pop-up on the landing page helps boost the customer subscription rate. The email subscription pop-up increases customer engagement and provides customers with gifts. The customers are not irritated with this gamified subscription pop-up as it is not like the normal subscription pop-ups. The gifts and discounts that customers receive after spinning the wheel make them interested. Moreover, this drives them to complete the purchase to take advantage of the discounts they have. The Spin and Win plugin customization to reflect upcoming holidays is possible. There are several themes for the events, like Christmas, the new year, Halloween, etc.

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On Orders, Gift the Product

Everyone likes to have gifts, and if the customers get them, then the customers receive motivation to complete their orders. The “Gift the Product” plugin is very useful to make an impression as it gives a positive impression of the store to the customers. The freebie plugin the store owner implements provide the customers with gifts depending on cart values. The customers feel special if they are receiving gifts for the checkout of their order. Gift the Product Plugin helps with customer retention and improves conversion rates. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate of the website.

Free Shipping

free-shipping-module by Knowband

The free shipping manager is a very useful plugin for reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversion. Free shipping is a very important aspect of eCommerce marketing. When customers make a purchase and choose free shipping, they do not hesitate to increase the value of their cart. The free shipping manager is very useful, as the customer’s motivation goes high by receiving free shipping for their orders. The free shipping plugin is very important, in today’s cutthroat competitive market. Additionally, it leverages customers to complete their very important purchases.

Gift Card Manager


Gift cards are very popular these days and are more popular compared to the other gift options. Using gift cards is a convenient way to gift your loved ones and make them feel special. The gift vouchers they receive are customizable, and it is possible to give them physically or through the mail. Organic traffic comes to the website by integrating the gift card manager plugin into the website. The gift card manager module is very useful as, when the holiday season arrives, customers are more interested in purchasing gift vouchers. The gift cards that are present in the store are customizable, and the template for them is also customizable. Furthermore, during the holiday season, its demand is bound to increase. Gift card vouchers are very trendy these days, and this helps spread the name of the brand as well.

Website Decoration Effect


When a customer lands on a website, the first thing they notice is the homepage, so it is a very important element. The website decoration effect plugin is very useful for the decoration of the website depending on the upcoming holiday. Using the decoration effects, a website interface change is possible depending on the holidays like Christmas, the new year, Valentine’s Week, etc. The visitors will want to spend more time on the website if the decoration is in keeping with the upcoming holiday. They will want to explore the store options as the decorations might entice them. The website decoration effect plugin is a proven method for improving customer engagement on the website.

Feedback--Website-Decoration-Effect feedback by Knowband

Wrapping it up

Here we have been discussing the various plugins whose integration into the website is important for boosting the sales of the website. E-commerce stores are very popular these days, and more than half of the population purchases from online sources. Moreover, this makes it important to implement useful and attractive features on the website to retain customers. For the upcoming new year sale, if you want to know about any other strategies or modules, then we will be happy to assist you. Kindly let us know if you have issues with any of our modules at Also, we would like to inform you that we provide custom developments depending on your business requirements. In case you want any additional features in the module, you can connect with us for assistance.

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