Recent Changes in SendinBlue and Mailchimp APIs

Recent Changes in SendinBlue and Mailchimp APIs

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Digital Marketing is a major pillar of increasing sales and it is evolving day by day. But being up to date with the changes in the marketing platforms is crucial. Brevo (formerly SendInBlue) and Mailchimp, two prominent players in this field, have recently made significant changes in their APIs. In this article, we will delve deeper into the key changes and improvements.


SendinBlue and Mailchimp APIs


Mailchimp: –

The new version of API 3.0 has been released and version 2.0 has been shut off on June 1, 2023.

The new root URL for the API is 


where <dc> defines the data center.

You can easily find your data center at the end of the API key as the keys are in the form of key-dc.

Here, we have mentioned the major change in adding the subscriber to a list.

The method of adding members to a list has been changed.

The path has been changed from lists/subscribe

To lists/_listid_/members

 Where _listid_ is the list ID in which you want to add the subscriber.

Along with that, if you want to send some additional data for the subscriber after the request, then you can use the patch request. 

Patch Request is used for performing partial updates.

Use the below path for the patch request


Where _listid_ is the list ID in which you have added the subscriber.

And _subscriber_hash_ is the hash of the subscriber email.

Similarly, the method of fetching the lists has been changed. GET Method is used to fetch the lists. Earlier the path parameter used was lists/list This has been changed with the lists only

For more information regarding the Mailchimp API v3, please refer to the API Doc:- 


Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue): –

Sendinblue was started as a Newsletter Service. But now they also deliver email, SMS, WhatsApp, chat. 

Earlier the root URL for the API was 

which has now been changed to the 

which clearly shows the changes in the name of the API regarding Sendinblue renamed to Brevo along with the change in the API version.

For contacts, we use contacts also as a part of the root URL 


To fetch all the lists from the Brevo, the GET method is used, earlier the function used was ‘list’ which has been changed to lists. 

We can pass the limit also with the request if we want to fetch limited lists.

In a similar way, we can add/update the subscribers in the lists.

To add/ update the subscribers, an earlier user/created user function was used which has now been replaced with the contacts.

Passing the subscriber’s email or mobile number with country code is mandatory.

Also, you can pass the first name and last name of the subscriber in the attributes.

If you want to update the subscribers in the same request, then pass update Enabled as true.

Also, we need to pass a list of IDs of the lists present at the Brevo in which we want to add the subscriber.

I hope I have the necessary information about the Brevo API key changes.

For more information regarding the Brevo API changes, please refer to the Doc of the API- 



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