4 Incredible Features Offered by Knowband’s OpenCart Product Sticker Extension!

4 Incredible Features Offered by Knowband OpenCart Product Label Extension.

The Opencart product sticker plugin allows retailers to display responsive stickers and product labels on the storefront. Making customers aware of discounts and deals. Additionally, the module comes with 50+ pre-loaded stickers. On top of that the Opencart admins can also upload custom stickers with clicks. Even if the size of the uploaded image is not well enough. We have also provided the option to manage and resize the sticker. Furthermore, managing the positions and sizes of product labels on the storefront does not require any knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any other styling language.

OpenCart Product Label Extension features

Here are some of the most sounding features offered by Knowband’s product sticker and label plugin.

Pre-Loaded/Upload Sticker Options:

OpenCart Product label extension comes with 20+ pre-available stickers and labels. You can choose from a wide variety of stickers and can go with the most suitable one.Likewise, if you are willing to add stickers as per your choice, we have also provided an option for the same. For uploading a sticker, all you need to do is click on add a sticker, Upload, choose a sticker, and that’s all.

Moreover, you will not have to worry about the sticker dimensions and size. In the sticker setting tab, the admins can resize any stickers and can even manage the opacity for the same. The following flagship feature not only makes the Opencart sticker module a complete plugin in itself but also increases the usability for the OpenCart retailers.

OpenCart Product Sticker Extension.

OpenCart Product Sticker Conditions:

When it comes to the sticker conditions, OpenCart product sticker extension provide complete peace of mind to store administrators. Not only the admins can modify the sticker appearance in every single meaning. But, can also show hide stickers based on stocks. Coming in details, the admins can configure any modified sticker appearance by selecting product stock status. Including/excluding special categories and products, and much more. Moreover, the admins can manage the pages where they want to show/hide stickers on their shop’s front end.

No Coding/Front-End Language Required:

OpenCart product label and Stickers extension come with an extremely easy-to-understand structure for the admins. While configuring the module, you will find every step and feature tailored appropriately. You will not have to require any coding or technical skills while setting up the stickers for your storefront.

Single Time payment option:

On top of that the plugin comes with single-time payment options. This means you will not have to pay any annual subscription charges for managing your stickers. Moreover, along with the module purchase, eCommerce sellers get 3 months of free technical support. In case you find yourself stuck somewhere, our tech team has got your back with all the expertise and experience.

Wrapping Up!

The images of your products are a crucial aspect of your online store. As they are often the first thing that catches the attention of visitors. With Opencart’s Product Label and Stickers modules, you can customize your product images by adding stickers on top of them. By doing so, you can inform your customers about any special features or offers on your products, such as discounts or free shipping.

These stickers will be prominently displayed on product images throughout your site. The possibilities for using the Product Label and Stickers Module are endless if you have a creative mindset. Additionally, you can create and add labels to the product page, with multiple customization options available in the backend. Admins have complete control over how each sticker or label looks and can edit them in any way they desire.

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