Best ways to Increase E-commerce Conversions During the Holiday Season

For marketers, the holiday season is always a favorable time. Conversions often rise during the holidays, but they can be enhanced even more.

It’s critical to have a solid plan and execute it properly if you want to see consistent increases in conversion. Some businesses begin their promotions well ahead of time to extend the selling season.

To persuade more customers to convert, brands have utilized tried and true strategies like free shipping, free returns, lightning discounts, and flash sales.

Even with those promotions, persuading clients to spend with you rather than a competitor can be challenging.

During the holiday season, there are a few techniques to quickly develop conversions.

Pay special attention to these rising patterns, as well as the following advice, if you want to enhance eCommerce conversions during the holidays.

Best ways to Increase E-commerce Conversions During the Holiday Season


  1. Offer Free Shipping

Online merchants can offer free delivery to their consumers with Knowband’s Free Shipping Manager addon. Customers might be given free shipping regulations and terms and conditions by online store owners. The minimum period for free shipping can be defined by the store administrator. Free shipping minimizes the number of abandoned carts and encourages buyers to purchase additional items to meet the minimum purchase requirement.

  1. Create Mobile App

A Mobile App makes it simple to convert your eCommerce website traffic. An app builder creates an Android or iOS mobile app without requiring any coding or technical skills, and it assists you in creating a rich, user-friendly, and smartphone and tablet responsive mobile app for your business.

The Mobile App Builder module is the perfect fit for providing an outstanding user experience because customers nowadays need an app for easy browsing. As the Christmas season approaches, now is the greatest moment to launch your mobile app, please your users, and profit from massive holiday sales.

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Magento Mobile App Builder

WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

  1. Have a PWA for your website

PWAs contain additional features, such as the ability to access them offline and the ability to receive push notifications based on marketing requirements. Progressive web apps are quick and fun to use. The PWAs include seamless navigation and smooth animations, as well as jank-free scrolling, making them speedier. Because Progressive Web Apps are lightweight and have a rapid loading process, they will naturally be faster than native apps. It uses push notifications to keep users engaged.

Magento 2 PWA Mobile App

OpenCart PWA Mobile App

PrestaShop PWA Mobile App

WooCommerce PWA Mobile App

  1. Use Social Login

The requirement to create an account becomes a barrier to conversion. Consumers are forced to fill out a lengthy sign-up form on the checkout page, which disrupts the checkout process and can lead to cart abandonment. Furthermore, you fail to collect client information. However, owing to social login, the registration process was made simple and quick. In terms of user experience and conversions, social login is extremely important in eCommerce.

PrestaShop Social Loginizer module

OpenCart Social Loginizer extension

Magento Social Loginizer extension

Magento 2 Social Loginizer extension

  1. Add OTP login option

Users can be certain that their data is safe using a module like the Mobile Login addon. Visitors can be converted into customers with a simple and secure login process. This plugin works with One Page Super Checkout and significantly increases user registrations. To gain access to their account and cart, the customer can obtain an OTP.

Customers will be notified if their registration was successful. This module is currently compatible with Twilio, SendinBlue, and SMS gateways. Our developers will also construct the module for additional service providers based on company requirements.

  1. Add Gamification Popup

You can add gamification to your storefront. They work magically when it comes to user engagement and conversion.

Spin and Win pop-ups are the most astonishing module that helps in conversion. It comes with several themes that can go along with the holiday vibes. Be it Christmas or Halloween, you will find an appropriate theme for every occasion.

Check out the Spin and Win module in action

PrestaShop Spin & Win 

OpenCart Spin & Win

Magento 2 Spin & Win

WooCommerce Spin & Win


Make a list of the adjustments you want to make to boost conversions during the holidays, including the suggestions above. Prioritize your list to focus on implementing and testing the changes that are both simple to implement and have the greatest impact on your bottom line. This type of testing, combined with keeping up with consumer online purchasing trends, can ensure that your eCommerce business generates a lot more traffic and has a better chance of turning those visitors into long-term clients.

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