Best Free Shipping Manager Extension for OpenCart Store

Free shipping manager Extension for Opencart

The Opencart Free Shipping Manager module is a feature-rich module that enables online merchants to offer online users free shipping. Conditions and guidelines for the management of free shipping may be enforced by the store merchant.

Shipping costs are the biggest component of the price of your order fulfillment, worse if you sell huge bulky goods. But the thing is the delivery service providers raise their rates every year when you have to keep prices low to remain competitive. As a small businessman, giants like Amazon can afford to subsidize their deliveries, so what do you do to get free shipping? My previous blog on ‘How to reduce shipping cost‘ might help you with this alarming issue.

In this article, I am going to discuss the OpenCart Free Shipping Manager extension that can help you handle the costs in a hassle-free manner. This comes with several benefits that make it an effective tool for shipping management.

Reasons to offer free shipping on your store?

  • Free shipping increases sales
  • It influences customers to add more products to their carts. Hence, increases the average cart value.
  • It reduces cart abandonment rate
  • You get more loyal customers

Free Shipping Manager Extension for OpenCart Store

Customers get encouraged to shop more with a free shipping option on their orders and this module is the top-notch option for that.

#1- Define the minimum amount

You can specify from the back-end configurations the minimum amount a customer needs to shop for if he or she wants to get free shipping on his or her order.

#2- Display the Free Shipping tab on the home screen

The online users will display a free-shipping block on the cart summary tab.

#3- Set the minimum order quantity and weight

Offering free shipping to the customer increase sales and decrease cart abandonment rate.The Opencart Free Shipping Manager plugin enables administrators to set the minimum order quantity and weight for free shipping.

Similarly, if the customer wants to enjoy the free shipping benefit, you can specify the weight that must be looked at.

#4- Location filters to offer free shipping

Free shipping greatly increases the probability of conversion and lets you increase your average order value as well. For specific countries, the extension also allows you to disable the free shipping facility.

#5- Allows you to define rules and guidelines

OpenCart Free Shipping Manager only allows you to offer free shipping to customers if they meet the back-end eligibility criteria set by you.


Your company needs to pick the right shipping extension. If you do not adopt the right strategy at the right time in the right condition, your customers will be driven away easily and might go to the competitors. I am sure that doesn’t sound good.

Get the Free Shipping Manager extension for your OpenCart store today and entice your customers by offering free shipping.

We hope that the above information about shipping software has helped you to easily select the best one for your company.

Check Free Shipping Manager Extension Demo:

Admin Demo: Click Here

Front Demo: Click Here

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