5 Most Popular eBay Product Categories to Sell in 2024

5 Most popular eBay product categories to sell in 2024 by Knowband

Selling on eBay is simple for everyone to learn. In one day, you can create an eBay seller account, list your items, and begin selling on eBay. The simplicity of selling on eBay is one of the factors why the site has around 25 million worldwide vendors.

eBay makes it considerably simpler to start selling on their platform. eBay combines Amazon’s scope and diversification with Etsy’s simplicity of setup and maintenance. Furthermore, eBay allows you to open a retail business for free and is ideal for total novices just starting started with online sales. If you want to start an online business and make sales quickly and easily, eBay is the way to go.

Nevertheless, selling products on eBay is not without its difficulties. eBay has over 1 billion postings but only roughly 183 million customers worldwide. This means competition is high, and eBay sellers are always experimenting with new tactics to make their postings more appealing to customers. Simply understanding which top-selling things to sell at what time might put you ahead of the competition.

To be a profitable eBay merchant in 2024, you must first thoroughly research the landscape, learn more about your competition, and have a comprehensive understanding of the top-selling products on eBay. Realizing this allows you to make knowledgeable choices about how you will differentiate yourself from the competition and reach your sales targets this year.

In this post, we will discuss the most prominent items on eBay, and how to identify best-selling things. Moreover, other important suggestions to allow you to grow on eBay.

Considerations when picking what to sell on eBay by Knowband

Considerations when picking what to sell on eBay

When deciding what to sell on eBay, there are several aspects to consider, including:

  • Costing

Costing should be smart and measured. It is best to settle on a price before bulking up on supplies. Look for comparable listings, compare product prices, and compare the number of sales. You may then choose the pricing range that is most suitable for you. Another suggestion is to focus on items priced between $150 and $300. In most circumstances, this pricing range is high enough to provide a good profit margin while remaining cheap enough to entice most purchasers to buy.

  • Weight

The weight of your items should be considered early on since it affects practically every area of your commercial store, from delivery fees to the ultimate profit you generate at the end of the day. The more you spend for delivery and the more you forfeit on returns, the bulkier the goods.

  • Minimalism

Simple and easy-to-use items will sell more easily. With sophisticated items, you are more prone to cope with dissatisfied consumers and repeated returns, which can soon put you out of business.

  • Competence

It is advised that both new and veteran eBay sellers become experts on their item/category. Instead of being a typical vendor, you become an authority in your field and are effective in providing additional value to customers. If you are not already a specialist, you should endeavor to study as much as possible before listing.

5 Most Popular eBay Products to Sell in 2024 by Knowband


  • Electronics and Laptops

According to eMarketer, before the COVID-19 epidemic, laptops and consumer gadgets contributed to 22% of US retail e-commerce sales in 2020. Despite the impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak, the tendency to purchase these goods continues to rise.

Electronics and Tablets/Desktop goods are among the most popular on eBay. Speakers, headphones, and smart home technology such as TVs, microwaves, lighting, and speakers are among the most popular things, as are Computers/Tablets & Networking, Tablet & eBook Reader Accs, and Laptop & Desktop Accessories.

The two most popular items are headphones and smart speakers. Furthermore, your customers prefer to purchase branded technology from companies such as JBL, Sony, Apple, and Samsung.

  • Clothing and Footwear

Clothing and shoes are an appealing industry for any eBay dealer. Lowering the digital barriers to entry for all apparel sellers opens up the possibility of marketing, selling, and fulfilling orders internationally and efficiently.

Jeans, Men’s T-shirts, and Men’s Hats are the top-selling goods on eBay in the category of Clothing.  Furthermore, customers choose things with well-known names such as Adidas, Nike, or Rothco.

  • Jewelry and Watches

According to Statista, “The worldwide online jewelry industry was valued at 21.5 billion US dollars in 2020 and was expected to reach 60 billion US dollars by 2027. The worldwide jewelry industry was worth around 230 billion US dollars in 2019.”. What an incredible figure! In comparison to other electronic freight constraints, jewelry, and timepieces are compact and easy to send. As a result, they are great goods for selling on eBay, one of the world’s largest eCommerce marketplaces.

Fashion Necklaces & Pendants, Wristwatch Bands, and Wristwatch are the winning goods in the Jewelry & Watches category.

  • Home and Garden:

Home and garden products come under some of the most selling product categories of 2024 on the eBay marketplace. Whether we are referring to small Kitchen Appliances, Heating, Cooling & Air Equipment, or Building Materials, the “Home and Garden” category has a huge potential for sellers in 2024.

  • Herbal Remedies & Resins:

We live in an era where health is a major focus for many. The natural health product sector is seeing a steady increase in popularity as people look for ways to manage stress and improve their overall well-being.

Your potential customers vary widely, from office workers looking to reduce stress, to sports enthusiasts, and those on special diets. This diverse market offers you the chance to explore different niches and find the ones that are not only profitable but also sustainable.

BONUS: Crafts

People have more spare time during the COVID-19 Pandemic to look for Do It Yourself (DIY) handicrafts. With rising customer engagement, the handicraft area is now one of eBay’s best-selling goods. On Etsy, you may search for 851,580 artisan goods classified into several categories.

The most successful eBay crafts classifications by Knowband

The most successful eBay crafts classifications:

  • Beading and Jewelry Making
  • Stone Beads & Jewelry

Now that you know all the products you should be looking forward to selling on eBay, let us focus on how to sell on the platform.

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How to Start Selling on eBay?

Knowband offers the top modules for ebay integration

Let me get straight to the point by introducing the eBay Marketplace Integration Extension by Knowband. Further, using the eBay Marketplace Integration, the merchants can effortlessly integrate their eCommerce store with eBay. Knowband offers the following modules for eBay integration:

Buy and install the eBay Connector

To set up the eBay Integration Module, the shop admin must acquire the API keys (all of the processes to obtain the API key are detailed in the user manual). Further, once finished, it is simple to handle the eBay store listing, stock, and orders directly from the eCommerce store.

Features of the eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin

  • The shop connector module enables store administrators to link their shop to eBay Marketplace with a few easy keystrokes.
  • The eBay API integrator saves shop administrators time because the setup procedure is simple and quick.
  • The administrator can build several profiles via the eBay API integrator’s dashboard.
  • The eBay API integration module’s profile-based item posting helps business owners minimize money and energy in the manual listing.
  • With the aid of these accounts built in the eBay API Integration backend, business owners can quickly track and handle their inventory.
  • Using the eBay Connector, store owners can quickly link item attributes and classes to eBay Marketplace attributes and classifications.
  • Owners may simply add, delete, amend, or relist items on eBay with the eBay plugin.
  • The eBay Connector allows for simple order administration.
  • Orders placed at the eBay store may be readily linked with their business.
  • Store owners may effortlessly handle synchronized eBay purchases from the shop’s backend.
  • The problem that happened when listing the items may be monitored from the eBay Connector module’s backend.

In the End

Every day, individuals log on to the internet and shop from home for everything from games to handcrafted things. As a result, today is an excellent time for internet retailers. There are many various things on eBay, so do your homework and discover the finest ones. Begin with the most popular things, then consider other characteristics such as pricing, volume, and profitability to identify the items that will truly generate money.

If you want to sell on the eBay marketplace, you can choose to integrate your store with the platform using the eBay Connector by Knowband. In case you have any doubts, let us know at support@knowband.com.

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