Two Effective Modules to Keep Away Spammers and Bots from PrestaShop store

As many as 200 million Captcha tests are estimated to be performed online every day. Nearly half (43 percent) of all UK organizations have reported cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last 12 months, according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey. Such data breaches have resulted in missing files, corruption of devices, processes, or websites, […]

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OpenCart Progressive Web Application (PWA) Extension for your eCommerce Store

The Progressive Web Applications turn your regular website into a fast-loading web app that behaves like a mobile application in a browser. The OpenCart Progressive Web Application extension is integrated with all the needful features and converts your website into a dynamic PWA. The Progressive Web Application extension will give your eCommerce customer a feel […]

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Why your eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Strategy Is More Important than Ever- Explained with live Examples

How fast are your eCommerce orders delivered? How many choices do you give for delivery? What are you going to charge for shipping? Is shipping secure for you? These are some pressing questions related to eCommerce delivery.  You have to have a plan for delivery services that satisfies your customers and improves their customer experience. […]

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