Opencart Product Preorder Plugin – User Manual

1.0. Introduction:

Are you an ambitious OpenCart store owner seeking a cutting-edge solution to boost your sales and customer satisfaction? Look no further! Presenting the Knowband Opencart product Pre-Order Extension, the ultimate tool to revolutionize the way you manage pre-orders, backorders, and advance bookings for your products.

The Opencart Product Backorder Extension is a powerful, feature-rich module designed exclusively for OpenCart merchants. It offers a seamless and hassle-free way to enable pre-order functionality on your store. Empowering your customers to book upcoming products in advance. Furthermore, the OpenCart product Advance Booking Plugin comes packed with robust features to cater to a variety of pre-order scenarios, making it the ultimate choice for any e-commerce business.

1.1. Key Features Offered by OpenCart Product Preorder Plugin:

Pre-Order Functionality:

With our extension, you can effortlessly offer pre-order options for upcoming or out-of-stock products. Ensuring your customers never miss the chance to secure their desired items in advance.

Advance Booking Made Easy:

Now, you can streamline the booking process for upcoming products. Customers can reserve their favorite products in advance and eagerly await their release, driving excitement and anticipation.

Real-time Status Updates:

Keep your customers informed at all times! The OpenCart Sell Out-of-Stock Products plugin provides real-time notifications on pre-order, backorder, and advance booking status, ensuring transparency and building trust.

Customizable Pre-Order Button:

Tailor the pre-order button to match your store’s theme, attracting attention and encouraging customers to reserve their products effortlessly.

Inventory Management:

Knowband’s OpenCart Preorder Module ensures efficient inventory management by allowing you to set pre-order limits and automatically disabling pre-orders when stock is available.

Seamless Integration:

Opencart Pre-Order Extension seamlessly integrates into your existing OpenCart store, requiring no complex coding or technical expertise.

Boost Sales & Revenue:

By offering pre-order options, you can drive product demand, increase sales, and maximize revenue potential like never before.

Pre-Order Pricing Options:

Offer flexible pricing for pre-order items. You can set special prices for pre-orders, giving your loyal customers exclusive discounts and incentives.

Partial Payments for Pre-Orders:

Allow customers to make partial payments for their pre-ordered products. Making it easier for them to secure their desired items without breaking the bank.

Pre-Order Stock Notifications:

With the help of the OpenCart Product Advance Booking Plugin, the store admin can enable the customers to receive email notifications when pre-ordered products are back in stock, ensuring they never miss the chance to complete their purchase.


The extension is designed with SEO best practices in mind. Furthermore, it ensures that pre-order products can be indexed by search engines, boosting your store’s visibility and driving organic traffic.

Cart Rules for Pre-Orders:

The Opencart store admin can set specific cart rules and restrictions for pre-ordered items. Such as minimum order quantities or eligibility for certain promotions, to optimize your pre-order management.

Guest Pre-Order:

Allow guest customers to place pre-orders without requiring them to create an account, reducing barriers to purchase and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Multilingual and Multi-store Support:

Reach a global audience and cater to diverse markets with multilingual support, while managing pre-orders efficiently across multiple stores from a single admin panel.

1.3. Benefits to the Customers:

Knowband’s OpenCart Product Pre-Order Plugin offers several benefits to customers, enhancing their shopping experience and providing added convenience. Some of the key benefits for customers include:

Early Access to Desired Products:

Customers can pre-order products that are not yet available for regular purchase. This allows them to get early access to highly anticipated or newly launched items, ensuring they don’t miss out on popular products.

Guarantee Product Availability:

Pre-ordering with Knowband’s OpenCart backorder module ensures that customers secure their desired items before they run out of stock. This feature is especially useful for limited edition products or items with high demand.

No Missed Opportunities:

Customers won’t miss out on their favorite products even if they are out of stock at the moment. They can place an order in advance and receive the item as soon as it becomes available. The following functionality helps the Opencart Product Pre-order plugin stand out from the rest.

Convenience and Time-saving:

Pre-ordering eliminates the need for customers to constantly check the website for product availability. They can place their orders in advance and relax, knowing the product will be delivered once it is back in stock.

Flexibility in Payment:

The OpenCart Pre-order plugin allows the customers to make a partial payment or reserve the item without paying the full amount upfront. This flexibility is appreciated by customers who might not have the entire amount available at the time of pre-ordering.

Notification Alerts:

Customers can receive notifications when their pre-ordered products are back in stock or when the release date arrives. Furthermore, it helps the customers to keep them updated about the status of their orders.

Exclusive Offers:

Retailers can offer special discounts, promotions, or exclusive deals to customers who pre-order products with the OpenCart product advance booking plugin. Not only it incentivizes them to use the pre-order feature but also helps to build a healthy business-customer relationship.

Planned Purchases:

Pre-ordering allows customers to plan their purchases in advance, especially for upcoming events or special occasions. Ensuring they have the desired products in hand when needed.

Early Bird Access:

In cases where products are in limited supply or high demand, pre-ordering allows customers to be among the first to get their hands on the product, giving them a sense of exclusivity.

2.0 Installation Guide

To install the OpenCart Product Pre-Order Plugin, please follow the following steps:
Purchase the OpenCart Preorder Extension from the Knowband store. You’ll get the following files:

  • Zipped File containing the source code of the OpenCart backorder plugin.
  • User Manual of OpenCart Product advance booking plugin.

Follow the steps below to install the OpenCart Product Advance Booking Extension in the OpenCart store:

  1. Unzip the zipped. You’ll get the folders as shown in the image below:
  2. Copy all the files and folders of the zip file in the Root Directory of OpenCart setup via FTP manager.
  3. The OpenCart Pre-order is now installed and is ready to use. Go to Admin -> Main Menu -> Extensions as shown in the image below:
  4. Select Pre-Order from the list of modules and click on the Edit button as shown in the image below:


3.0. Admin Interface Overview: Opencart Pre-Order Plugin:

The OpenCart product pre-order plugin provides an easy to customizable admin panel for pre-order management. The store admin can find easy configuration options at their convenience.

3.1. General Setting:


The OpenCart store administrator can find module all the general configurations in the following tab.

Enable/Disable Button: The following button can be used for enabling/disabling the OpenCart Product Advance Booking Plugin.

Restrict Checkout with Other Products: If the following button is enabled, the customers will not be able to complete checkout of pre-order products with other products. Only one pre-order product in the cart will be allowed for checkout.

Show Total Price with Partial Price: The admin can show/hide the total price with partial price using the following button. The admin can choose whether they want to display both the prices or any one of them. This is applicable only on the product page.

Enable/Disable Pre-Order Label: The admin can show/hide pre-order labels from the products with this button. The pre-order label will only appear on the product listing pages such as the home page, category listing page, search result page, etc. This label can be modified also in the Design Tab.

Enable/Disable Category Restriction: The store retailers can enable/disable category restriction for Preorder products from here.

Exclude Products for Preorder: In case you want to exclude any specific products for advance booking, you can enter the same in the shown text field in the above image.


Show Preorder Content: The admin can show/hide pre-order content using the following button. This content is displayed only on the product description page.

Full Payment Content: The following content will appear in case the full payment option is selected for the preorder products.

Partial Payment Content: The content entered in the following text field will appear in case the partial payment option is selected.


Provide Preorder Discount: Enable the following option if you are willing to provide the preorder discount to your customers.

Discount Type: The store admin can choose the discount type as a fixed amount or percentage based on the order total from here.

Pre-Order Discount: The following text field is provided for entering the exact amount for the discount on the pre-order products.

3.2. Design:

The store admin can modify the look and feel of the preorder label and button that appears on the product images on product listing pages.


Preorder Label and Button Text: The text entered in the following text field will appear on top of the preorder product images. As this extension is multilingual, you can add the Label And Button text according to the languages enabled on your store.

Preorder Label Background Color: The store admin can choose the background color for the pre-order product label from here.

3.3. Product Configuration:

The product configuration tab allows the store admin to set all the product configurations for the pre-order products.


Quantity Per Order: The Opencart store admin can add the maximum quantity per order he wants to allow the customers to purchase.

Orders Per Customer: Here, the admin can enter the maximum number of pending Pre-orders he wants to allow the customer to make.

Product Status for Applying Pre-Order: Choose the default status of the product for applying pre-order using the following button.

Payment Type: The Opencart product pre-order plugin allows the store admin to allow the customers to complete product advance booking by just paying a partial or full amount.

The admin can enable/disable partial price using the following button.

Pre-Order Price: This particular text field is provided for selecting the percentage for the partial price that the customer is going to pay for product advance booking.

3.4. Pre-Order Products:

The Opencart Product Advance Booking Extension allows the store admin to set different rules for specific products. Here, Admin can create different price rules for different products. If the product is not listed here, then the price rules will be applied from the values set in Product Configuration.


Add New Preorder Product:

The store admin can add new price rules for specific preorder products just by clicking on the add new button shown in the above image. Furthermore, the admin just needs to select some basic details such as product name, product price, product discount, etc, and your new price rule for the selected pre-order product is all set to dive into your eCommerce store.

Search Pre-Order Product: The OpenCart Product Backorder extension allows the admin to search the pre-order products just by adding product ID, payment type, product name, etc.

3.5. Pre-Order Orders:


We have provided a separate tab for tracking all the booking orders. In the following tab, the store retailers can track all the pre-orders in a single place and further make the changes at their convenience.

4.0. Front End Preview: Opencart Pre-Order Extension:

Till now, we have discussed the various configuration options and their use in modifying the pre-order plugin as per your business needs. Furthermore, the Opencart product preorder plugin does take zero coding and technical skills to make your eCommerce shop preorder ready for various occasions.
Here are some of the front-end snapshots mentioned below for providing a better understanding of the pre-order flow for the customers.

Pre-Order History:


The customers can find the history of all the placed pre-orders in the following tab. Along with the pre-orders, the customers can also check the order balance (paid amount and remaining amount), order status, and order status.

Front End Snapshots:


Furthermore, in case you are having queries/suggestions regarding our Product Pre-Order Plugin, you can also reach out to our technical support staff at

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