How to delete products from MercadoLibre Marketplace?

Objective of the blog

After reading this blog, you can understand how the seller can delete the products from MercadoLibre marketplace.

Method to delete Products from MercadoLibre Marketplace:

You can delete products from MercadoLibre marketplace by two methods:

  • Delete manually from the merchant account
  • Using CSV file.

1. Delete manually from the merchant account

1. Login into MercadoLibre merchant account (URL:

2. After login, you will be redirected to the summary page where you will need to click on the “Remove SKUs” link on the left side as shown in the image below:

summary page

3. Then, You will need to enter product SKUs in the textbox and click on the submit button to delete as shown in the image below:

enter product SKUs

2. Using csv file

You can delete products in bulk from Mercadolibre marketplace using a CSV file.

1) Create a “CSV” File with a column name: “mpid” and add all the MPID.



2) Go to the Merchant Portal -> Flat Files -> Upload Files

  • Select “Delete SKUs” option
  • Here you can upload CSV file that you have created in step 1 to delete the products as shown in the image below:

CSV file

Hope it helps. Do let me know in the comments in case of any confusion.

Shivam Verma

Shivam Verma

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