Offer pickup facility and raise store reach to buyers with Prestashop pick-up module

Offer Pickup Facility and Raise Store Reach To Buyers With Prestashop Pick-Up Module

Knowband offers a Prestashop pick-up module that provides a user-friendly interface. Whether it’s about configuring this module or selecting multiple stores shown in the store locator, with the assistance of this module admin can perform each task efficiently. 

Prestashop pick-up module

Another biggest reason to utilize the Prestashop pick-up module- it’s customizable. Store merchants can easily display the distance, contact number, and even store timing.  The module even offers various features and benefits that are listed below.

Prestashop pick-up module

Prestashop pick-up module’s features:

  • Offering in-store pick up facility to the customers with the assistance of Prestashop Store Pickup Plugin. Furthermore, with a button toggle, the store merchant can enable or disable the addon. Also, the functionality can be easily activated by the store admin. 
  • Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup addon allow admin to generate the Google map API key. Furthermore, the addon can even permit the admin to set an image as a Google map marker as well as the zoom level of the map.
  • Set the distance units either in kilometers or miles. Furthermore, to select the stores for showing in the Google map admin can do the task by using the PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator module. Admin can select default store too.
  • Prestashop Google Maps Store Locator Plugin even allows the store admin to display the contact numbers of the store. Moreover, the plugin allows displaying the get directions link. This way buyers can click on the link and see the directions for visiting the store. 

Other features to know:

  • Display the website links on the Google maps store location. With the assistance of the module, customers can easily see the website URL along with other store details.
  • Store images in the store’s list available on the store locator block displayed by the store admin with the help of this addon. Furthermore, the merchant can enable or disable the settings for showing/hiding the store image.
  • At the time of implementing in-store pickup functionality, store admin can apply country restrictions using Prestashop Store Pickup Module.
  • The functionality to display the store locator banner on the store locator page can be enabled/disabled by the online merchant. Moreover, the functionality to display the date calendar for order pickup can be enabled or disabled by the admin. 
  • The minimum days can be set once the order has been placed to wait before pick-up the package. Admin can even set the maximum pickup days.
  • The date and time format can be set by the admin.
  • Enable the settings to display the pickup time slot from the admin interface of the module. Moreover, minimum hours for waiting after placing the order can be set by the merchant.
  • Send an email notification to the pick-up stores regarding the order. PrestaShop Google Maps Store Locator module offers readymade email templates.
  • Allows store admin to download a sample file in CSV format. Further, to import store contacts Prestashop admin can upload the CSV file. Download delivery slip by inserting the duration
  • Multi-lingual and default checkout page compatibility.

Prestashop pick-up module

What are the benefits offered by Knowband Prestashop Store Pickup Plugin to store admin?

  • Provide customer’s product pickup facility

If your eCommerce business is offering the facility of picking up the product, customers will like to purchase more from your store. Hence, Prestashop Store Pickup Plugin is great for your business as it allows the admin to offer the customer’s product pickup facility. This will save a lot of time. Besides that, customers can even view the nearest store location.

The addon even allows adding the store location on Google maps. This helps customers to search for the nearest store. 

  • Display store details

Prestashop store locator module allows store merchants to display the store details. Including the name of the store, distance, and contact number. Merchant can even create multiple pickup locations according to his/her requirements.

  • Set the date and time

With the assistance of Prestashop’s in-store pickup addon, you can set the date as well as time for store pickup. Being a merchant you can insert as many physical stores you want and showcase their locations on Google map.

Prestashop pick-up module

Prestashop in-store pickup addon allows e-merchant to apply country restrictions. Store admin can enable the functionality. Along with that, the store merchant can display a link for viewing directions for visiting the store.

  • Show or hide date calendar

With the assistance of Prestashop in-store pickup addon, merchants can show as well as hide the date calendar on the checkout page regarding order pickup.

  • Customizable and flawless working

When addon is customizable, the admin doesn’t feel restricted. He/she can make changes in the website and can build an eCommerce platform that reflects his taste. Prestashop pick-up module is highly customizable and along with that, it provides flawless working.

How beneficial is the Prestashop pick-up module for customers?

  • Find the stores location easily

With the assistance of the Prestashop Store Locator Module, customers can easily find the location of the nearest stores. Moreover, buyers can pick up items from the store in case the store is close to their current location. Also, the module offers a faster product delivery option to the customers.

  • Offer store pickup facility

Prestashop store locator module provides store pickup facility. Furthermore, the pickup of orders for customers becomes easier. Moreover, buyers don’t need to pay the shipping fee.

For a clear view of the store location to the customers, the default zoom level of the map is added. 

Additional features:

  • This module allows customers to view the store image in the store’s list provided. Furthermore, just by clicking the “Get Direction” Link, clients can see the store directions. Moreover, buyers can see the distance of the store from its current location on the store locator page. 
  • A reset option provided to customers. This option is also available on the store search page and with the assistance of this option, customers can reset the previous searches. 

New features added in Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup addon

  • At respective locations, buyers can view the entire list of the stores as they move Google Map.
  • All the available stores enabled easily with this Prestashop pick-up module.
  • Store merchant can easily enable the feature “Search As I move the Map”. Here customers can view the list of the store as they move Google Map.
  • Admin can enable all the available stores with a toggle of a button.

Final Thought

Knowband Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Addon permit the merchant to offer an option to showcase the store in a specific location. Moreover, the add-on helps visitors to find the closest store that has the products of their choice. Hence, the module offers all those benefits which a certain eCommerce business wants for better growth.

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