9 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions to Make an Impact this Black Friday


Hardly a few days left for Black Friday. Brands have already begun the preparations for the busiest shopping day of the year 2020in the U.S. and they are looking to scale-up the number in this season too. Last year Black Friday sales had hit the $7.4billion mark and the expectations are high for this year too.

Preparing for the biggest eCommerce sales of the year can be intimidating when you are competing with big brands like Amazon. But, here is a way of making your holiday e-commerce season run as efficiently as possible. This article will help you optimize your OpenCart store in all possible ways.

OpenCart Extensions for Black Friday


I am sure you also want to make the best use of the coming Black Friday. So if you are having an eCommerce website on the OpenCart platform, take a look at the following 8 OpenCart Extensions to boost your eCommerce sales during Black Friday.

Customers like Personalization

1. OpenCart Product Designer/Customizer

The concept of the eCommerce sale is never constant but it always changes and with that the personalization has become a part of the business. People love customized products and 2020 has witnessed a boom in personalized gifting solutions. Empower your clients with the opportunity to design and shop on your website for personalized items such as T-shirts, mugs, cushions, and a lot more.

The Product Customizer Extension designed for the OpenCart platform allows the shopper to customize the product by inserting the desired text and pictures. The Product Designer/Customizer extension provides you with the best way to sell your products on your website according to consumer needs.

Let them design and gift the custom products to their loved ones!

Time to attract new customers

2. OpenCart Gift Card Manager


There will be a heavy demand for Gift Cards when Black Friday makes a close approach. Many online shoppers would be short of time to purchase different gifts for their close ones. In this rush, shoppers would probably prefer the Gift Card option. Reduce the hassle to search for a perfect gift with OpenCart Gift Card Manager.

OpenCart Gift Card Manager helps you add a gift card section to your OpenCart store and encourages more sales. The extension lets you place the Gift card block on various places on your website, including the header and footer so that it is easily noticed by the user when he or she arrives at your website.

With the help of this OpenCart extension, you can create an attractive Gift Card template for the occasion of Black Friday.

When customers visit your OpenCart website, they will see the option to purchase the Black Friday Gift Card or they can create their own custom gift card by uploading a picture.they can send to the recipients over their email or deliver it at their doorstep.

3. OpenCart Facebook Share and Win Discount

While online shoppers would be searching everywhere to get discounts on Black Friday, you can make their task easy with Facebook Share and Win Discount.

Opencart FB Share and Win Extension

OpenCart Facebook Share and Win Discount adds a “Share and Win Discount” tab on your product pages, clicking on which the user earns a discount code every time they share that product on their timeline. You can specify the products for which you want to provide a discount on sharing.

Increase Customer Engagement

4. OpenCart Spin and Win


OpenCart Spin and Win extension integrates a Gamification popup on your website. The primary purpose of this OpenCart extension is to create more user engagement and make your visitors earn offers by involving them in a fun activity rather than approaching them through conventional popups.

OpenCart Spin and Win popup helps you capture more email addresses and ultimately drive more conversions. For amazing results on this Black Friday, you can set up your popup theme as per the occasion to catch the Black Friday spirit. Not just the Black Friday but the module is integrated with several attractive themes for every occasion.

5. OpenCart Exit Popup


Prevent visitors from leaving your website and present them with some exciting Black Friday offers and discounts at the last minute.

OpenCart Exit Popup lets you display an interactive popup right when the user intends to leave your website. The module senses as soon as the cursor reaches the close button and performs the specified task.

The OpenCart Exit Popup makes it a perfect way to turn the visitor into a potential customer at the last moment. It helps you with higher conversions and hence higher revenue.

You can find tons of customizations inside the module.

Create Urgency

6. OpenCart Countdown Sales Timer

How about creating awareness about your sales on Black Friday and generating a sense of urgency on your OpenCart website? Yes, this can be implemented through OpenCart Countdown Sales Timer.

OpenCart Countdown Sales Timer lets you set a timer for your sales and display it on the front end of your website to encourage quick purchases.

This OpenCart extension triggers impulse purchasing and helps you achieve higher sales within a limited time. You can display the timer on multiple pages and adjust its look and feel.

7. OpenCart Deal Timer

Provide enticing discounts on specific products with the help of OpenCart Deal Timer Extension. For the Black Friday occasion, you can set a special discount on your best sellers and increase the sales volume.

OpenCart Deal Timer extension lets you define the discount percentage and set the deal period.

Old is Gold: bring back the old ones

8. OpenCart Abandoned Cart

The horror of abandoned carts will scare you the most during Black Friday. Try to convert abandoned carts with OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension.

OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension lets you recover the abandoned carts by tracking the abandoned cart users. You can send an email reminder to those users about the pending items in their cart and ask them to complete the purchase by including a discount coupon in the follow-up email.

You can specify the duration after which the cart is assumed to be abandoned and also customize your abandoned cart emails.

Make your Store Gadget Friendly

9. OpenCart Mobile App Builder


Make the online shopping experience of your customers even better and convenient by launching a mobile app for your business. Black Friday is approaching and there would not be any better opportunity to get higher sales than having your mobile app ready before Black Friday arrives.

OpenCart Mobile App Builder transforms your OpenCart website into a native mobile app, be it for Android or iOS or both. It does not require any kind of coding knowledge.

It offers real-time synchronization of the website into the app, offers fingerprint and OTP login, provides Zopim and WhatsApp Chat support, Unlimited Push Notifications, Simplified Checkout, and much more.


The OpenCart extension helps you in free brand promotion through your customers and most importantly, improves customer retention.

That’s all! Best wishes for your Black Friday sales.

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