Why choose OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension for selling on Etsy?

OpenCart Etsy Integration extension by knowband

Looking for a viable point of interaction to deal with the product listing, inventory, and orders? OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension presented by Knowband is the right tool. The OpenCart Etsy Integration deals with the exercises on the stage. For example, product listing, inventory, and orders. As a matter of fact, the administrator can do this from the administrator board of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration.

In this blog, we will investigate the justifications for why you should pick the OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension by Knowband. Will we go forward and look at them?

Why use OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin to sell on the Etsy marketplace?

prestaship etsy integration by knowband

OpenCart Etsy Connector oversees profiles easily

The profile component of the module helps dealers in making profiles. In addition, select the essential settings to list the product. Moreover, the necessary strides to make a profile are – the Select Shop Section, Auto-Renew Option, and a couple of different fields. Further, to plan the OpenCart store class to the Etsy Marketplace classification.

Price Management is a highlight in the Etsy OpenCart Connector

The OpenCart Etsy Integrator permits administrators to put their products on the Etsy marketplace. Further, at an unexpected cost in comparison to the one in their OpenCart store. The Etsy OpenCart Integration incorporates the capacity to list products in light of a fixed or rate-based sequential cost.

Automatically restore products

The OpenCart Etsy API integration gives an auto-recharge highlight. Further, that allows the administrator to automatically recharge their products after they got terminated after a predetermined time. Also, you will track down this element under the Profiles tab of Etsy OpenCart API integration.

Product Listing

Administrators can see every one of the products including those which should be listed on the Etsy marketplace. Further, it is under the product listing tab of the OpenCart to Etsy Synchronization. Besides, products that are right now distributed on Etsy can likewise be seen under the product listing tab. The administrator can see the product picture and that’s just the beginning, in fact. For instance, Etsy Listing Id, Name, Profile to which the product coordinates, Listing Status, and Date Added. By tapping on the product name on the Etsy store page, administrators can see their listed product.

Orders Management

Order managment opencart etsy integration

The order executives component of OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension assists vendors with synchronizing the Etsy store orders to the Opencart store. The element even cycles the orders from the Opencart store itself. Further, the Etsy Marketplace refreshes with the most recent status of Etsy orders.

OpenCart Etsy Integration gives Orders Synchronization

knowband opencart etsy integration sync

The orders from Etsy will synchronize to OpenCart with this activity. To import orders from Etsy to Opencart, click the ‘Orders Synchronization’ button. This element is available under the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration’s Synchronization tab.

Etsy Orders

Etsy orders make it more straightforward for the store administrator to oversee orders from inside the OpenCart stage. This capacity is advantageous in saving time and exertion. Store administrators can easily handle Etsy orders with the assistance of Etsy orders.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension offers Shipping Templates

knowband etsy shipping templates

The delivery formats element of Opencart Etsy Integration deals with the transportation on the Etsy marketplace. The Etsy OpenCart Connector permits the OpenCart shop administrator to configure delivering formats. Further, that will synchronize to Etsy, very much like the Etsy Marketplace.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension for selling on Etsy


Therefore, now you know why the OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension by Knowband is a must. If you have any kind of queries related to the OpenCart extension, let us know at support@knowband.com.

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