Oltre 1000 installazioni di un’app di moda in Polonia sviluppata utilizzando PrestaShop Mobile App Builder


Today’s world seems to run on applications. If it’s something people can interact with, there’s a good chance it’s available as an app. Well-designed apps grab your attention and make you want to use them, while poorly designed apps are frustrating and don’t do what we want. You want to create a simple and intuitive user experience for the first edition of your eCommerce mobile app. Anything that takes away the intuitiveness of the experience is not worth having. A fashion app in Poland has completed its 1000+ downloads, offering an exclusive user experience. This blog will draw your attention to its features and how they developed it.

Wieszakshop. pl – Outlets of premium brands

Wieszakshop. pl is an online store selling women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as shoes and accessories from famous brands, up to 70% less than typical retail prices in Poland and around the world. If you love famous brands and one-of-a-kind designer pieces, you’ve arrived in a true paradise of trendy events.

How can you place an order on this eCommerce mobile app?

Each mobile app has basic features like product listing, product page, shopping cart, checkout page, and transaction page. Wieszakshop. pl is a fashion focused PrestaShop mobile app built using KnowBand’s mobile app builder plugin, specially designed and developed for eCommerce. Users in Poland can now easily purchase clothing from top brands. Let me take you shopping on the PrestaShop Mobile app. For example, consider buying black denim from your favorite brand:

The Home Page

The main screen of the app provides customers with access to new arrivals, best sellers, etc. Additionally, the brand logo appears on the landing page.

The basic search and voice search function

Now, to buy a pair of jeans, you will have to look for it. Allows users to search for products within the app; from the product page and the home page.


Add to cart or wish list

Once you have found the black denim, you can add it to your cart or wishlist. By pressing the payment button you will be redirected to the checkout login page.

Customer login page

The buyer can buy by registering with the app from here. You can also check out as a guest if this feature is enabled.


With successful registration, you can log in with your email address, Google+ or Facebook. It also allows access by fingerprint.

Payment and shipping address

Now the app will take you to the shipping page where you need to enter the delivery address. You will also need to select the payment methods. Your order will be successfully placed!

Other features of the PrestaShop Mobile app

Push notifications

The app sends push notifications to customers. It can be text that may be of interest to the user. They are easier to send than emails and are less likely to end up in spam folders.

In-app chat support

The mobile app provides in-app chat support to customers. It has a built-in WhatsApp chat option. The store admin can add or remove features from the mobile app. It’s easy to customize the app home page, add new banners, insert a logo, and add colored windows to the app. It works in real time synchronization with the fashion store website. Do you now have a mobile app that allows you to take orders online but have a smooth delivery management system? If your answer to this question is “no”, then read on.

How to manage local punctual deliveries?

In e-commerce, local deliveries / shipments allow consumers to purchase products online and have them delivered directly to their homes. Local delivery serves as an alternative to both courier and in-store pickup . It has had a particular effect on retailers and consumers in an environment where shipping companies are facing greater delays and in-store purchases are also risky. To ensure timely delivery and manage them, you can use Knowband’s effective module- ‘ The deliveryman app ‘.


This app provides features that establish a connection between the admin and the delivery guy. Through this application, the admin can assign an order to the deliveryman and monitor it. This helps in providing a better shipping service, as it is also tracked by the admin with the help of an application running on your eCommerce platform. The deliveryman application is available for the PrestaShop and OpenCart platform.

PrestaShop Delivery Boy mobile app

OpenCart Delivery Boy mobile app

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