7 Ways to Market and Boost Your Sales on this Father’s Day

7 Ways to Market and Boost Your Sales on this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the time when brands will be looking to promote related deals on their store.

Even though this occasion is not as profitable as the other major holidays, it does capture a significant amount of sales. As per a report by the National Retail Federation (NRF), Father’s Day spending in 2019 was estimated to hit the $16 billion mark.

The sales might dip a bit this year considering the COVID-19 pandemic but shoppers would surely lookout to grab some offers.

As the event approaches, you will see brands coming up with some amazing Father’s Day marketing ideas to boost their store sales. And if you are looking for the same, I got you covered.

In this write-up, I have put forward a mix of marketing strategies, tips, and design that would sky-rocket Father’s Day sales.

Father’s Day Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

Below, I have shared seven simple yet effective ways to do it.

1. Start Early Promotion

To get the best results on your Father’s Day sales, you need to start promoting early so that online shoppers are very well aware and prepared when the sale commences.

It will do no good if you plan your strategies a week before the occasion. The outcome will be poor and eventually, you will have low sales. Planning early not only helps you avoid the last-minute adjustments but also provides you with enough time to get shoppers ready and excited and the opportunity to attract even those customers who do not visit your store frequently.

If you are well-prepared for the big day in advance, you will be able to make the most out of it. And this should be the focus behind every holiday sales, not just Father’s Day.

2. Offer a “Dad” Package

Check your store’s inventory and list out the items that would be perfectly suited to gift a father. Create a bundle and sell them at a discount (package price lower than the sum of the individual cost of items) or you can run deals like buy one get one free.

It’ a great way to promote cross-selling and at the same time allows each family member to contribute to a single purchase rather than purchasing separate gifts.

3. Run a contest on Social Media

Another marketing strategy to boost your Father’s Day sales would be to run a contest on different social media platforms, primarily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can create a hashtag and encourage your followers or the audience to share their “Dad moment” using that specific hashtag to count as their entry. You can ask them to share a “Dad joke” or express why they think their dad is the best in the world.

Set a reward or a giveaway for the top 3 best storytellers. This will bring you a lot of entries and boost engagement.

4. Gift Cards

If shoppers are confused about what to gift their dad, a gift card can prove handy in such a case. You can offer Father’s Day gift cards on your store of different price values so that shoppers can purchase one as per their budget.

This makes their job easy and also saves their time from searching for a perfect gift. There cannot be a better moment than this for a shopper to say to his father- “Buy whatever you want with this gift card (obviously within that price range).”

Do not have a gift card section on your website? Add it with the help of Gift Card Manager.

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5. Target Moms

Not only teenagers or young adults but mothers would also be looking to put a smile on their father’s face this Fathers Day. Make sure to customize your messages and target moms accordingly.

You can ask them to share a picture with their dad or a childhood story. Segment your audience and reach out to them via email and social media ads.

6. Father’s Day exclusive coupon code

Online shoppers would be waiting to get a discount on Father’s Day sales. Create an exclusive coupon code that would be valid for a limited time to claim the discount. This will create urgency to shop and ultimately boost your sales as more and more users would be visiting your store to shop before the coupon code expires. Promote it everywhere to drive maximum traffic to your website.

7. Place a count-down timer on the homepage

One of the best ways to promote your Father’s Day sales is by placing a countdown sales timer on your website’s homepage or the header. This will work as a reminder regarding the days and time left for the sale every time a user visits your website.

Final Word

Father’s Day marketing strategies do not end up here. You will come across many points that could be helpful to boost your sales on Father’s Day.

While you put your major focus on marketing, don’t forget to optimize your eCommerce website. Make sure everything from the homepage to the checkout page, including the product page, is perfectly optimized so that shoppers do not feel any kind of trouble in their shopping journey. You can consider using One Page Checkout to provide a quick checkout experience to your visitors.

Start preparing for Father’s Day before it gets too late. I wish your sales reach higher than ever.

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