12 Benefits Of eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization


Every customer likes that personal touch in their orders. When you offer customers what they want, this increases customer engagement and store revenue as well. And the best way to do so is by asking customers they likes and dislikes are and what they want. Hence, eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization is recommended. This is the latest trend that gives an edge to your business and can even add value to your eCommerce store when planned out thoughtfully.

One of the biggest benefits you get from Product personalization is, it helps in building a relationship between customers, making your eCommerce business authentic and humanly. Besides that, it offers several other benefits that are mentioned below. 

Benefits you get from eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization 

  • eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization offers a Customized experience

As mentioned above, this feature helps in offering a customized experience to customers to on the product they have ordered. When customers get the freedom to decide the color, text, image, etc of the end product, it improves the shopping experience which is again beneficial for the brand value. 

eCommerce Product and Personalization

  • eCommerce Product customization and Personalization raises the profit margin 

Customers understand that each business requires a dedicated setup for personalized product development with dedicated resources. Hence, customers are ready to pay for more customization facilities. For each customization request, a business can strategically plan a template as well as required changes. Hence customization can allow the business to charge more and raise revenue and enjoy profits.

  • Customers attain loyalty 

If you want your customers to stick to your brand for a longer period then you must understand the needs of your customers, how they want, and try to fulfill them. Furthermore, loyal customers get the benefits in long run significantly. 

  •  eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization helps attract more and more Millenials 

By offering product customization, winning over the Millenials becomes easier. Millennials comprise a huge portion of buying users and in coming years they will be consumers of goods as well as services. Naming emails is not enough to personalize a product or service for millennials, but that’s worth it because this helps in enticing the millennial consumer.

  • eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization is budget-friendly 

Trends are changing day by day, regardless of the industry. Furthermore, you stock a type of product and the next thing you know is it’s out in the market therefore, getting the idea of what customers want is a smart thing to do. Understanding the preferences and developing the products according to customers needs will reduce your efforts and product making cost, it will increase the revenue. 

  • eCommerce Product Customization And Personalization make high-end items look attractive

Customers expect every minute detail of the product according to their preference when he is paying a handsome amount of money on a luxury item. With the help of this feature, customer satisfaction can be achieved and makes the item look more attractive by including features like the color of choice, graphics, etc.

eCommerce Product Customization and Personalization

  • Lower return rates 

This feature helps in lowering the return rates and repeating the sales. Furthermore, it is said that the products that consumers are part of are likely to be returned. Furthermore, they have customized the product as you want them. Therefore, it goes without saying that in most cases they are happy with the final product. If product personalization is offered in e-commerce, you can avoid managing returns and their costs. In addition, customers are more attached to personalized products.

  • Helps give your gifts a thoughtful touch 

With the help of eCommerce product customization and personalization, you can add a personal touch to your gift before gifting them to your loved ones. Furthermore, this will transform your routine product into a thoughtful gift! As your online purchases grow, you can dominate the gift product market by providing product customization capabilities.

  • Helps get an additional edge over the competitors 

This feature helps you to get an additional edge over the competitors. When you pay close attention to what customers are customizing in the product, it will make you understand what are they exactly looking for and where are you lacking. This way you can easily analyze the buyer’s preferences as well as their liking and utilize that data to offer the right products to your customers.

  •  Can give tough competition

When you then know what your customer wants, you stay ahead in the competition. Furthermore, when you permit buyers to personalize the product, you attain competitive benefits which help take your business to the next level and stay ahead in the competition. 

  • Online Presence

By offering bespoke products, customers need to buy from your store, not from a regular store. As this process progresses, Google’s ranking will rise and become popular with potential buyers. Thanks to this popularity, you can also dominate the social media platform and use it to generate revenue!

  • Streamlining the Order Process

The traditional way of product personalization was time-consuming as the cycle used to include understanding customers’ requirements, collecting samples, as well as sending them back and forth to the manufacturing team. Furthermore, a time-consuming, as well as tiring process, can be easily avoided when configuring a personalized product online and previewing it on spot is offered to customers.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

One of the most famous product personalization trends that every other merchant must be aware of is- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR). This helps transform the entire e-commerce scenario.  These trends help customers to offer the ‘in-store’ experience even remotely. 

eCommerce Product Customization and Personalization

Due to Augmented shopping customers remain engaged with brands as well as with the products via digital experiences, and personalize their products virtually. Furthermore, these digital experiences help merchants to offer better and more intuitive shopping experiences as compared to simple web experiences.

Brands that have started using this trend are the most famous denim brand, Levi. Levi’s has announced an array of new digital experiences in association with renowned apps and tech companies. Another reason for opting for this trend was to overcome the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

  • Mobile Experience 

If looking for higher revenue and customer engagement than being an eCommerce store owner, you must focus on providing a seamless mobile experience. This is another latest product personalization trend.


As per the studies, mobile e-commerce sales are forecast to reach $3.56 in dollars. Make sure your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly, responsive and the product customization options you make are equally responsive and easy to use on mobile screens. For better and engaging mobile users, it is important.

  • Real-time Display

The traditional way of product customization involves customers filling their customization choices and submitting them. As a result, there was no question of viewing the final mockup of what a product will look like. Because of that, they would not receive what they envisioned at times. As a result, the order returns/replacements would reach a higher level. Hence, it would lead to wastage of both the store owner’s as well as customer’s time. 

Thankfully situation has evolved for the better. Now, customers don’t have to wait for a longer time to get the item at their doorstep. Further, not only they can mention their design specifications, however, even design the product all by themselves in real-time. Thus, they can have a look at the product’s design before the final checkout and can make changes, if required. 

  • Engaging Product Customization Options

Product personalization options have gone higher compared to before due to the emergence of different online product design tools. At present all online print merchants are inculcating premium product customization services for buyers. From the text to images, clipart to even the material and printing process, buyers can choose it all and that too right at their home with a single click. 

  • Visual Search Shopping

Visual Search Shopping, trend famous among some companies. These companies have already embraced visual search technology. Popular companies using this trend are Pinterest, Amazon, Visenze, Set, and Google Lens. 

  • Conversion Rate Optimization Testing

Enhance your conversion rate optimization testing with Artificial Intelligence. For example, Qubit, a personalization software that helps store merchants to personalize content and optimize landing pages. Moreover, it helps in targeting segment customers and enhances conversion rates as well. 

  • Save For Later Feature

Save For Later Features is helpful as it reduces one of the biggest issues in eCommerce, cart abandonment rate. Further, Product Personalization is more than just selecting the product, designing, as well as buying. There are times when the buyer needs more time to design the product before coming to the final design. 

Save for later feature is also beneficial because it ensures that customers don’t have everything to start all over again from scratch in case they 

leave product customization in the middle. With the assistance of Product Personalization, buyers can easily save their progress. All they need to do is save their progress by choosing the option and continue it from where they had left.

Knowband modules to consider 

Knowband offers some of the most efficient modules for different eCommerce platforms, one of them is Product Designer/Customizer for platforms like Prestashop and Opencart.

  1. Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon

Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer addon is highly beneficial as it allows adding design customization panels on product pages of any selected products on your website. Furthermore, the addon helps customers to add desired text, images as well as QR codes for a product.


Key features of Prestashop Product Designer/Customizer Addon:

  • Let customers flexibly create their desired product.
  • Allows checking the total price of the customization on the same page. 
  • Settings include font style, color, text size, default images, image positions, taglines, character limits, and pricing.
  • Installation of the module helps gain customer loyalty 
  • Improves sales 

2. Opencart Product customizer extension 

Opencart Product Customizer Extension is another helpful extension for Opencart owners. This encourages customers with the ability to design and shop custom products on your website. Products include T-shirts, mugs, cushions, and more.


Key features of Opencart Product customizer extension:

  • Allows shoppers to customize the product.
  • Customize the product by inserting text, images, and QR codes.
  • Customers can easily design products in their style.
  • View customization cost before finishing final checkout.
  • An efficient way to market your website product according to buyer needs.

Final Thoughts

In case of any concern, feel free to write us at support@knowband.com  Knowband offers efficient post-sales support to buyers along with efficient modules. 

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