How to get a Marketplace site: a step by step guide

When you have a limited number of customer base and sales, it is important to think big and go for a major store overhaul. Getting just an eCommerce store will not guarantee you maximum conversions and sales as there are other players in the race. You would not have to lag behind now as there is a golden opportunity to transform your online store into a marketplace store. The term Marketplace is  not  new  to the  eCommerce marketplace. It was a time when someone has to go through a lot technical coding and planning for implementation of an eCommerce site. With the introduction of CMS platforms like Magento,  PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento 2 the gap between an excellent business mind and an online site is now has been reduced to the minimal. Now, you would not have to suffer the market pressure due to the absence  of an effective eCommerce store that has a much larger customer base and  site traffic. All you need to do is just install the Multi seller Marketplace extension for a major transformation of your eCommerce store. […]

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How can you change the currency format in an OpenCart platform? | Knowband

How can you change the currency format in an OpenCart platform?

OpenCart is an engrossing eCommerce platform that is being used on a large scale globally due to the presence of wide range of features and functionalities. It has emerged as a promising platform for new and experienced site owners equally with its impeccable eCommerce features. With its multi-currency support feature, brilliant themes, and OpenCart extensions, […]

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How to avoid cart abandonment on an eCommerce store? | Knowband

How to avoid Cart Abandonment on an eCommerce store?

Shopping cart abandonment is a global issue that has been creating problems for the sales and conversions of the eCommerce store around the world. Even with the passing time, the problem looms large over the eCommerce Stores. “The Remarketing report” prepared by the SaleCycle, a behavioral marketing company, shows the graveness of the situation. Here […]

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Prestashop Ajax Cart Plus Addon – User Manual

Introduction to Prestashop Ajax Cart Plus Addon Prestashop Ajax Cart Plus Addon provides an interactive and useful interface/pop-up for Shopping Cart where users will be able to view shopping cart items.along with Related items, New Arrivals, Best Sellers or Promotional banners. Pop-up will also provide the option to apply coupon/gift voucher to check the estimate […]

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