Manage Order Returns and Order Cancellation with PrestaShop RMA Module

It is often observed that customers want to return or cancel their orders. Managing orders and fulfilling customer’s demands isn’t an easy task. Considering consumer rights in the EU, every eCommerce platform needs an easy return manager to maintain the records and meeting customer’s needs.  EU has a policy that a consumer can request a return or refund for a faulty product within 14 days after purchase. As an eCommerce owner, it may sound tedious and time taking.

Don’t worry! PrestaShop Return Manager Addon takes care of all the functions required to cancel or order returns. With additional features described below, this new version gives a user-friendly experience to eCommerce store owners and customers.

What’s New in PrestaShop Return Manager Addon?

Customer retention is a merchant’s need and this can be achieved with customer satisfaction. PrestaShop Return Manager module comes with an easy cancel request format with multiple return and cancellation methods for a customer.


1.          Decide when to start calculating Policy time

Imagine a situation when the product is delivered after the expiry of the return date. What impression this will create on your customer? Sometimes the return date expires if the product delivery is delayed, to resolve this issue, the addon now provides a drop-down menu for selecting a product status after which the return policy time will be calculated.

2.         Quick Access of Return Listing from Dashboard

You don’t have to find the module from a long list of installed modules in the admin panel, instead, you can configure the PrestaShop Return Manager Addon from the left menu of the admin panel.

Additionally, a new option to access all the return listing counts has been added on top of the admin panel. All the return listings like order returns, canceled orders, etc can be seen in one place.

3.         Custom features for email templates

In the updated version of Return Manager, the admin is provided with an option in the admin panel to add a custom text for each Return Status and created a placeholder that can be used in the Return Status Email templates. The updated version provides an option in the admin panel to ‘send a Test Email’.

4.         Search and Filter all the Listing Tabs

With the latest version, the store manager can easily sort and filter the listing tabs on the basis of date, customer ID, Return ID, Customer Name, etc. This makes the task easier for the admin.

Features that enhance admin’s power

5.     Allows Partial or complete order replacement

The online store administrator can now allow online customers to pick items from their orders for replacement. Online customers can even request for returning the whole order if they want to do so. They can now choose all the products from the list. This increases the usability rate.

6.     Admin can add Custom Field

This updated version of PrestaShop Return Manager Addon allows an online merchant to create custom fields. Online store owners can build several custom fields from the PrestaShop Refund Order Addon admin interface. The store owner may set custom field block names, apply validations, and also set default values (if required). Admin can make any field as required. Admin can set a default value and validation type.

Why choose PrestaShop RMA over other Order Return Module?

The RMA plays a vital role in the eCommerce store. The Customer sometimes raises the request for the product return, refund, and replacement. To improve customer retention and usability the online merchant needs a flawless RMA interface. Other eCommerce like the Magento Return Manager plugin does not come with these new features.  This rejuvenated tool provides both a user-friendly experience and customer satisfaction.

1.     Increased Customer Conversion Rate


Easy refund and return policy builds trust and makes the customer believe in the merchant. This eventually increases the word-of-mouth publicity of the website and brings more traffic to the site. From this, you can expect a good conversion rate. This one small change will catapult your conversion rate and this way you can keep the complaints zero.

2.     Customer Satisfaction


The front-end easy ‘return’ option lets them believe if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase, they may return it or replace it. This assurance lets your visitor believe in your product policy and allows them to shop more. The easy email template functionality sends an email to both parties which enhances your business relationship. A happy customer always comes back to you without any pause.

Benefits of PrestaShop Return Manager for the merchants:

  • PrestaShop Order Return Manager Addon makes it easy to handle the returns of customers.
  • PrestaShop RMA easy return module boosts customer loyalty.
  • The possibility of receiving “Store Credits” for a faulty product helps to improve consumer retention.
  • The product issues can be fixed by knowing the return reasons.
  • With the aid of the PrestaShop Consumer Return Manager, you will find out the exact problem in the product by providing customers with the option of uploading the picture of the faulty product.
  • Email template makes you craft a mail for your customer at every return stage.
  • With RMA quick return addon, by adding custom fields you can collect more information from the customer.

Benefits of PrestaShop RMA return module for the customers:

  • A ‘Return’ button allows the existing customer or guest customer to return or cancel the placed order completely or partially.
  • PrestaShop Order Return Manager provides an easy cancel request format with credit, refund, and replacement options
  • Customers can upload an image of a faulty product highlighting the defect.
  • An email with custom text will be sent to the customer at every stage for their order cancellation or return request.
  • PrestaShop Order Return Manager allows customers to select a nearby store address for shipping the damaged product.
  • Customers can return partial or whole orders by easy select option.
  • Customers will have the option to cancel the order for a short period. The customers need to go to the My Account >> Return Manager section to cancel the order.

Other useful features of order return or cancellation addon

Easy Return Request Option

There are some other features that make this addon more convenient and user-oriented. It helps you identify the return reasons for customers and lets you raise a return request on behalf of your customer. Thanks to a quick and effective cancellation method, customers are more likely to go back to your platform.

Crafted Email-Templates

Well-designed email Templates emerged as an attractive feature. This pre-formatted email template option gives the admin a hassle-free experience at the backend and directly sends an email to both the parties as soon as the query is raised and updates the customer at every stage of their request. There are 14 different email templates as per the requirements. It is a timesaver for both merchants and customers.

Managing Return Requests at one place

Managing an eCommerce store with fewer efforts is like a cherry on the cake and this amazing addon does that. It helps you manage all the return requests in one place. You can find pending return lists, active return lists, and canceled return lists on the admin panel as well as on the dashboard. This information is also available to export in .csv format in case you want the compiled data.

Compatible with GDPR Module


PrestaShop Return Manager is compliant with GDPR. When you are using the Knowband GDPR module, both the customer and the administrator will be able to access the information of the return request. Besides, the Customer can request the admin to remove personal data from their shop.

Final Words

PrestaShop Return Manager addon is an interesting and helpful tool for the eCommerce store owner to manage the return and cancel the request at the backend.  A hassle-free return policy attracts buyers and gains the customer’s trust.

For more information or to shop the PrestaShop Return Manager for your PrestaShop store, you can visit Knowband store or reach out to us at Return Manager Extension is also available for Magento and Magento 2 stores.

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