Additional Alert Email field issue in Opencart v2.3.0.2

If you are using Opencart v2.3.0.2 and trying to save an additional email address to receive email alerts then you will notice that this version is not saving the value of “Additional Alert Email” field. After saving its value, when you come back to the store setting page, you will find that “Additional Alert Email” field is blank, this  may cause you think that you can’t receive email alerts to additional email because it is not saving additional email address.

After receiving emails from several customers, when we looked into the issue, we found that it is actually saving the additional email address and is also sending email alerts to the additional email address, the only issue is that when you come back to setting page, it is not showing the saved additional email addresses.

This issue can be solved in following two ways:

Method #1: Download this free module and install it on your store. Follow below instructions to install it.

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  2. Upload the xml file from Admin panel’s Extensions > Extension Installer page.
  3. Now refresh the modifications from Admin panel’s Extensions > Modifications page.

Method #2: Make the required changes manually by following below instructions. You just need to edit one file.

File to edit -> /admin/controller/setting/setting.php

Search for



and replace it with following code at 1st, 3rd and 5th position.



If you face some issue or need some help to fix this bug, feel free to contact us. We will fix it for free.

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