Understanding CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act

The 1st day of the year 2020 will mark the arrival of new privacy law for the people and online businesses of California. The law is named as California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, also denoted as CaCPA, sometimes.

The CCPA bill was passed by the California State Legislature on June 18, 2018, and will turn into an Act following January 1, 2020.

What is CCPA?

The California Consumer Privacy Act deals with the privacy of the people residing in the California state of the United States. The CCPA compliance will enforce businesses to allow consumers to get insights into their personal information being captured by them.

Companies would be required to share what data they have collected of a consumer, and modify or delete it on a consumer’s request.

It’s a great initiative to keep consumers’ privacy within a boundary and maintaining transparency. This will also have a positive effect on the brand-customer relationship since consumers will have more control over their personal data.

Today, there is a heavy breach of data all over the world. Data is getting stolen and sold to companies that even have no relevance with that audience.

California legislators realizing the importance of respecting consumer’s privacy and keeping it confidential introduced CCPA which was the demand of the hour.

CCPA Consumer Rights

Let’s take a look at the consumer rights that fall under the CCPA law-

1. Right to Access Personal Data

Consumers will be able to track what information do the businesses have about them. They can request the business to disclose the information they have collected.

2. Right to Deletion of Data

Consumers will have the option to approach a business and ask them to eradicate their entire details from their business panel. This will lead to the permanent removal of the customer data.

3. Right to be Informed about the Data collection

This gives consumers the right to ask what kind of information is being collected by the businesses, whom it is getting shared with or why it is getting shared.

4. Right to Opt-out

Consumers have the right to say no to the distribution of their personal data to any third party company.

There is also the right to opt-in for the minors, which says that any consumer aged between 13 to 16 can permit businesses to sell their information. Consumer below the age of 13 will require authority through a guardian.

5. Right to Non-discrimination

CCPA highly forbids businesses from discriminating against the consumers. It prohibits-

Discrimination denying goods or services to the consumer

Discrimination for charging a different price than the original price of the goods and services

Discrimination on the level of quality

In short, consumers have the right to equality or say equal prices and services.

Who does CCPA apply to?

CCPA applies to businesses that have-

An annual turnover of more than $25 million

Data of more than 50,000 consumers

Earn more than half of the annual revenue selling consumer’s personal information

To comply with the law, businesses need to add the options on their website that matches with the above-mentioned consumer rights. Feeling the necessity, KnowBand has come up with the CCPA module to help businesses go in accordance with the CCPA law.

CCPA Module by Knowband

The CCPA module by Knowband adds a CCPA tab on the front end of your website. Customers can visit that section and raise a request regarding any information falling under the rights in the CCPA law.

This module is currently available for PrestaShop and OpenCart merchants. Check out-

PrestaShop CCPA addon

OpenCart CCPA extension

It’s high time to re-structure your privacy policy. Companies failing to comply with the CCPA law can be charged with a heavy penalty of up to $7500 depending on the level of breach.

For any query or assistance, reach out to us at support@knowband.com

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