Magento Spin and Win popup extension

“Magento Spin and Win extension adds a Spin and win popup on your website and provides a gamifying experience to your visitors. In return, you can capture their email addresses.”

Popups are amazing. They help you grow your email list faster than any other technique. Among all the email subscription popups, the spin and win popup, also called as the spin to win popup is the most effective and engaging.

Today, you need to provide a reason to your customers to make them stay on your website. There should be something engaging or entertaining, a kind of fun activity that catches their interest. Spin and win popup does exactly the same. It involves a user in a game, which eventually increases the average time spent by a user on your website.

Thus, we can say that the Spin and Win popup is not only helpful in building the email list but also improves your website’s bounce rate.

In this article, I am going to talk about the Magento Spin and Win extension. If you have an e-commerce store set up on the Magento platform, you can take advantage of this Magento extension to increase user engagement, enhance user experience and grow your email list.

Magento Spin and Win extension is a 3-in-1: Entry, Exit and Email subscription popup that helps you grab user attention and user engagement followed by the user email address. Wondering how?

Magento Spin and Win extension allows you to display a spin and win wheel on your website. Because of a gaming look, it attracts user attention. The wheel contains some offers and discounts which a user can avail after spinning it. The wheel asks users to try their luck by spinning it to earn some amazing discounts. Spinning the wheel requires a user to enter his/her details like name and email address. Once the details have been provided, the wheel starts spinning. As a result, the user spends more than the usual time on your website and you also get the customer data without sounding needy.

Features of the Magento Spin and Win extension

1. Customize the spin and win wheel

Magento Spin and Win extension comes up with 12 slices in the wheel. You can create a label for each slice. For example, you can create one label as “10% off”, other as “Better luck next time” and so on.

In addition to this, you can set the coupon value for each slice. There is also an option called “Gravity” which lets you set the frequency of a slice. For example, a slice having gravity as 20 will have a higher probability of appearance than a slice having the gravity below 20. The combined gravity for all the slices cannot be more than 100.

2. Set maximum display frequency of the popup

Display the spin and win popup, every time a user visits your website/ one visit per hour/ one visit per day/ one visit per week or one visit per month.

3. Set the hiding time of the popup

You can either choose to display the popup always or hide it after a short time, for example, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.

4. Choose where to display the popup

You get to decide on which pages do you want to display this gamified popup, whether on all web pages or selected pages. You can select the pages where you want to display or you can select the pages where you do not want to display this popup.

5. Choose whom to display the popup

Display the spin and win popup either to all visitors, new visitors or returning visitors.

6. Display popup based on user behaviour

The spin and win popup provides 4 options to display the popup based on user behaviour:

Immediately: As soon as a user enters your website

After time(in seconds): The popup is displayed after a user spends the defined time on your website.

When scroll down: Popup is displayed to the user after he or she scrolls down a considerable percentage of your website content.

When exit: Popup is displayed when a user intends to take an exit from your website.

7. Display popup based on location

You can either display the popup to the users coming from worldwide or you can show or hide the popup for users of a particular location.

8. Set a specific period for the popup appearance

If you want to display the spin and win popup for a limited time, just mention the active and inactive date. The popup functionality will run for the defined time only.

9. Allow a customer to spin the wheel once or for n number of times

Magento Spin and win popup extension has an Email recheck functionality. If enabled, a single user won’t be able to spin the wheel more than once else if disabled, a user can spin the wheel and generate the coupon as many times he or she wants.

10. Enable wheel sound and display fireworks on winning a discount/offer

Turn on the wheel sound so that every time a user spins the wheel, it creates a sound. Moreover, you can display fireworks when a user wins an offer or a discount.

11. Set the wheel display interval

If you want to display the popup after a certain time, you can mention the number of days after which you want to get it displayed. For example, if the number of days is selected to be 2, then only after the completion of 48 hours, the popup will be displayed to the user.

12. Customize your spin and popup according to occasions

Magento Spin and Win popup comes up with pre-existing themes for multiple occasions like Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, etc. You can design your popup as per the occasion to give it the festival look. There are many other options to adjust the look and feel of the popup.

13. Collect emails directly in your MailChimp and Klaviyo account

If a user turns into your subscriber, their information would directly be sent over your MailChimp or Klaviyo account, if enabled.

14. Customize your email

Craft a beautiful email to be sent to the user once they win a discount after spinning the wheel. Magento Spin and win extension offers pre-existing email templates to give a pleasant look to your emails.

Final Word

If you are serious about growing your email list, you should definitely consider implementing the Spin and Win extension on your Magento store. Though the primary purpose of a spin and win popup is to collect more email addresses, it provides many more benefits to your e-commerce website.

You can also check the Spin and Win extension for Magento 2.

Do try out the Magento Spin and Win extension. If you have any queries regarding this Magento extension, feel free to drop a comment below.

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