Giving Customers a Personalized Shopping Experience can Boost Online Sales


When exploring your Instagram or Facebook, you always see feeds that are of interest.  Google’s discover feed also shows you the content which you like and would like to spend time on.  Naturally, this makes you feel exclusive, and you spend more time without keeping the time track. 

Can you give the same experience to your customers while shopping? Ecommerce brands like Myntra or Amazon try to target their inactive leads with personalized email marketing. Giving your customer a personalized shopping experience in this competitive environment could be the right plan to survive in a long race.

Understand the shopping journey of buyers with data and use it well for customer experience personalization. With that, customers who get exclusive treatment will do word-of-mouth marketing.

As an eCommerce store owner, you might have given thought to this. But, you may struggle with How to do it? 

Know your customer personally

When you are spending a lot of time and money on focused target marketing, you just don’t need a customer who will make a one-time purchase but your business demands a loyal one. For target marketing, you can consider gathering demographic and psychographic details from a customer. The demographic information can be collected from registration forms but for psychographic information you need more data. To get the details like the interests, values, profession, and lifestyle, you can add custom fields to your registration page.

Proving your customer with loyalty points or rewards at every step of the form filling process will encourage them to fill it. This way, you can get more relevant information for future marketing and product personalization.

You can always ask for:

  •         Their first name 
  •         Birthday  
  •         products they’re interested in
  •         A preferred channel of communication

Some might like receiving emails but in a limited number while other millennials prefer receiving an SMS just after the purchase is made. It is good to ask the preferred channel of communication for targeted marketing. You can even ask for their interests and genre if a person is buying a book from your store.

A large number of people have no issues if a company spoof into the customer’s information which can provide them with a wow experience. From a report, it has been found that 76% of customers expect companies to understand their demands and requirements. So, people like getting a personalized experience, and it is now a trend that can be followed by an eCommerce store owner to compete with others in the market. Personalization can lead to impulsive buying.

Better to communicate with your customers

Remind your customers about the products they liked to buy or visited but did not make the purchase. You can send a push notification for back-in-stock products. You can ask them to look into their wishlist to reduce the abandoned cart.

Prestashop Product Video Module, Boosting Conversion

It has been found that 95% of millennials do shopping while doing other things. Most of them shopped while watching TV or chatting with a friend. Half of the people bought when they are bored with waiting for someone, and some do it when they are traveling.

It is crucial to choose the right means of communication for interacting with your customer. The selection of a communication channel should be based on the data you have collected. Customers often receive promotional emails and notifications which grab their attention and make them shop more.

Putting efforts in the right direction can help you boost conversion rates and customer retention. Millennials prefer texting overcall. You can use a chat app to provide a solution to their queries. This will be a great deal to give them more customer experience personalization.

Effective use of data for persona

You have the data in your system and what a waste if you are not using it well. Your system knows your customer better than you do.

  •         Have you ever been in a situation when you called a person with the wrong name? This happened to me once, and I never want that to happen again. It instantly loses trust in a relationship. Send emails or greet them in-store by calling their name. This builds up an interactive connection between you and your customer.
  •         You can take the help of segment email marketing by categorizing your customers according to their psychographic data
  •         You can enhance the customer experience by offering them products related to their last purchase. A study says, 44% of the customers intended to buy from the same brand or company after getting a personalized shopping experience.
  •         Understand the need of your customer as per their geographic location. Implement geolocation-based marketing strategies. Add a store locator to your website. In-store shopping is still a trend in millennials.

PrestaShop modules you should not miss on

Do you know that you can enhance the personalized customer experience by adding extensions to it?

It is challenging to keep your customers at a checkout page or the product page when they are doing two things at a time. You must have some striking, captivating website features which will keep them attentive and focused on their purchase. Why not with personalized features that you can add with these modules?

Collect more information

With PrestaShop Custom Registration Fields, the owner of the PrestaShop store will collect information about the customer by adding custom fields to the registration form of the website. Additional Order Forms/Field Manager addon for PrestaShop is another module that can help you gather more information. Custom fields on the order form can be generated with this PrestaShop Additional Order Forms Manager without making any adjustments to the code on the web page.

How to use it?

You can ask your customer to fill up the details which can be optional. You can add this field to the registration form. This way you can collect information about birthdays, anniversaries, or any of the interests which can help you promote your products. You can send a personalized message on their birthday with a greeting or any discount coupon. Store owners can use additional information to develop their services and eventually make more profit from their company.

Celebrate birthdays or anniversaries

You can give discount vouchers or coupons to your customers on their Birthday. Birthday Coupon -PrestaShop addon is a module that can inspire your customers to shop from your store on their birthdays.


How to use it?

You can send an email with a personalized message on their special day. This email will include the birthday coupon or discount voucher. The voucher sent through the mail will be valid for a limited time. The addon comes with multiple default templates. You can use it for various occasions.

Make them loyal customers

It is a dream for brands to have loyal customers. From research, it is found that about 30% of people like to buy the same brand and around 40% choose the same brand if they are offering personalized products.  For customer retention and conversions, you can give loyalty points or reward points to your customers.

The PrestaShop Reward Points addon incorporates the reward points feature into your PrestaShop store and allows the admin to offer the rewards point to online shoppers every time they purchase items. 


How to use it?

Store owners can give reward points to the customer after every purchase they do. This comes with a set of terms and conditions. The module helps the admin to add multiple rules for redeeming those points. Customers can redeem those points at some point of purchase which will keep them engaged in your store.

Another extension that can help you with customer retention and customer conversion is PrestaShop Loyalty Point Module.


How to use it?

There are some rules like Cart Rule, Product Rule, and Behaviour rule for loyalty points. Store owners can offer loyalty points on a specific cart amount, product quantity, based on the payment method, particular product or category, shipping services, etc. It can be given to new customers while placing their first order.

Display recently viewed items

Automatic Related Products addon for the PrestaShop store can help you show the relevant products to your customers. This feature can be added to multiple pages of your eCommerce store.


How to use it?

The feature will show related products to your customers, and this will motivate them to see more and more on your eCommerce store. If they are not satisfied with the one product, they can see more until they get the one.

Add more product details

Admin can add n number of details for a product with Advance Product Attribute/Field – PrestaShop Addon. This module allows you to show descriptive information about the product. 


How to Use it?

It has a simple configuration, and the admin can ask customers to provide more information about the product. If they like the product or not? If they need any modifications?  By collecting additional customer details, the sellers can better represent them. As a result, online shoppers will have the same user experience with this PrestaShop Additional Field Module on the Product tab.

Attractive email subscription module

Spin And Win – Entry, Exit, and Email Subscription Popup by PrestaShop have a gamified interactive look. It attracts the buyer’s attention and allows them to win offers like discount coupons or free shipping. This is one of the best sellers of PrestaShop and a fantastic module to collect the email addresses of your customer.


 How to use it?

You can Get Personal in Email Marketing and send personalized Emails using the information which is provided by the customers. The emails should be sent based on customer behavior. You can go for a personal recommendation to offer a personalized customer experience to your customer. Try to re-engage your leads with promotional messages or pop-up notifications. Email marketing is a free and reliable option to give a customer personalization experience to users.

Greet your customer

Greetings are most valuable when you are building a relationship. Customer-trader relationship is most important when it comes to business. You can use a Better thank you page module for your PrestaShop store.


How to use it?

Add a Better thank you page module to your PrestaShop store and use it to show a pop-up when the customer is leaving your store or after the successful purchase. Also, you can add customized banners or discount coupons for their next purchase. This way, it can help you boost customer retention and make your customer satisfied.

Final thoughts

Increase your sale by providing a personalized shopping experience to your customers. In this era of millennials, Personalisation is the only way to attract a loyal customer base to your store. Create Special Campaigns Based on user behavior and make them feel unique. They don’t like to be treated as a number but an individual. So, It’s time to boost your sales with a customer experience by providing personalization. 

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