Prestashop Share And Win Module – User Manual


This document contains Requirement Specifications for Share and Win module of Prestashop.

This is a very use full ad-don which seems to give both the sides i.e the admin and the customer certain benefits. This ad-don will help the admin to promote his website and product, and on the other side the customers will get discount on whatever product they purchase. This is a very interesting ad-don because of its dual nature.

Admin will be having full control on the discount type and the discount value which he is giving and can also view the details of the discount applied on a particular product.

Steps For Installation if Prestashop Share And Win Module Addon

To install this addon, please follow the following steps:

1. Add addon folder under modules folder of your system.

2. After adding this addon folder, system will list the addon on module page under front office feature category as given below:

Installation of Prestashop Share And Win Module

3. Click install to install this Prestashop Addon.

Administration Module

In admin module, there will be following options to configure this plug-in and customize its look at the front-end as follows –

1. General Settings

2. Product Stats

Each section is described in details below.

General Settings

This section will be having following options to configure the module

1. Enable/Disable: This option will be having a toggle button with two specific values ON and OFF. This module will only work if this is set to ON. If this is set to OFF then none of the feature will be working and not even impacting any other section of website. By default, this option will be OFF.

2. Facebook app id: This app id is very important for this plugin to work. Admin has to enter this app id to let the customer share the product on Facebook.

3. Discount Type: Here the admin can decide what type of discount is to be given to the customers who are sharing the product. It may be fixed or in percentage.

4. Discount Value: In this field the admin has to give the discount value which is to be applied on that product.

5. Discount Validity: Here the admin has to enter the date up to which the discount coupon can be applied. If the validity date is expired than the coupon can be no longer applied.

6. Custom CSS and JS: These are the fields which are given in this plugin in case if the admin wants to customize the look and feel of his plugin.

7. Select Layout Type: Their are two front layout types available in the plugin. The admin can use any of them which he feels will look better for his store. The preview of the layout is given just below the select layout option.

General Settings of Prestashop Share And Win Module

Product Stats

This is the tab in which the admin can view all the details of the discount coupons applied on every product.

1. Select Category : Here the admin has to select the category of the product which he/she wants to look.

2. Select Product: When the admin will select the category of this field will automatically get refreshed and will be filed by all the product of that category.

3. Product Coupon Table: When the admin will select the product in the above option then a table will appear which will be having the details of the discount coupon and their current status applied on that particular product.

Product Stats

Front End Module

When this module is enabled from the back end then a button will start appearing in the front end of the shop on every product page. On which a text Share to get discount! will be written and on clicking on this button the customer can share the product and if he/she shares the product then a discount code will be shown to that customer which will be applied to that customer only.

Front End Module of Prestashop Share And Win Module

Front End

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  1. Hello, in step 2 Facebook App ID. what kind of facebook App i have to chose? login, audiance network, analytics, account kit…? thank’s for your help

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