Push the Number of your Social Media Followers for your Business Organization with this Opencart Social Login Extension

There is no business organization in this world that can strengthen its customer base and product sales by ignoring the power and reach of social media. Various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in and such others have significantly shown their global influence in affecting the purchasing choice of the various customers through customer reviews, testimonials, ratings and other such social proof. Customer reviews have the potential to bring customers towards  your payment window or can completely alienate them from your business organization. So, the might and global exposure of the social media can be a boon or bane for your business organization if you are unable to tap the full potential of the social media platforms. Considering this huge global impact, our company, Knowband has come up with a revolutionary e- commerce social extension for our OpenCart customers that can effortlessly change the face of your business organization. Here are some of the reasons why this OpenCart Social Login extension has become an instant hit among numerous business organizations of the world.

User friendly interface-

With the help of its easy dashboard design, various store owners have now freedom to make desired changes in their screen so as to appeal to a wide range of audience and to suit their business interests. So, every business organization can decide its own screen with this plugin depending upon their targeted customers and business requirements.

Facility to choose the position, text and placement of the social media login options-

Due to the presence of the numerous options on the admin panel, store owners now enjoy the facility of making desired changes in their login link text as well as social bar heading. Further, it gives added functionality to the store owners regarding placement and position of the social media login option on their website like top, bottom, left or right so as to get maximum customer attention for improving your social media logins.

Seamless single click installation-

This OpenCart social extensions can be easily installed by the store owners with a single click which increases its appeal and use among numerous e- commerce organizations of the world. This means that you do not need any technical assistance or knowledge for installing this wonderful social media module onto your e- commerce website. All this can be effortlessly performed by just a simple click and is completely hassle free.

Helps in increasing the social media logins of the customers by eliminating the need to login with a fresh account- 

Most often, customers are reluctant in logging to the social media accounts on the e- commerce sites due to the absence of option like “login with your existing email id and password”. Due to this, they don’t want to create a fresh new account for the purpose of social media login solely and are thus not interested in logging to your social media sites. But, due to emergence of this Opencart plugin, it is now easier to login to your social media sites as it provides the facility of log in with your existing social media accounts. With this change, more number of customers will be willing to login to your social media sites and will ultimately boost your social reputation and image.

So, there is no point in still continuing with your old social media login methods as here is the pioneering e- commerce extension that can help in giving a huge boost to your social media marketing and promotional methods. You just need to surf our website, knowband and pay for this wonderful OpenCart social module so as to change your social media fortunes and to improve your global reach.

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