OpenCart CCPA Extension- California Consumer Privacy Act

OpenCart CCPA Extension helps California businesses comply with the CCPA law without following any arduous approach. The extension makes it easy to set up the California Consumer Privacy Act conditions on the front end of your website.”

What is CCPA?

CCPA stands for California Consumer Privacy Act. Passed on June 2018, by the California State Legislature, the law will be effective for businesses from January 1, 2020.

The businesses falling under this law would be those who have gross annual revenue of more than $25 million, have personal data of more than 50,000 consumers and earn half of the total annual revenue by selling consumer’s personal information.

It is implemented to give consumers better control over their data and to avoid breaching of personal information.

The law gives consumers

Right to Access- Have a check on the information that the company has collected about them.

Right to Deletion- Ask companies to delete their personal information.

Right to Equality- Not to be discriminated against consumers for denying any product or services to the consumers or charging a different price.

Right to be Informed- know what kind of data is getting shared and why is it getting shared and to whom.

Right to Opt-out- Deny companies to share the personal data to any third party.

OpenCart CCPA Extension

Understanding the urge of businesses to comply with the CCPA law and avoid any penalty, OpenCart has introduced the CCPA Extension. OpenCart CCPA extension simply adds a “Do not sell my data” tab at the front end header.

The tab consists of the following 5 options-

1. Right of Access to Personal Data

2. Right to Data Portability

3. Right to be forgotten

4. Right to Data Rectification

5. Right to User Consent

Let us have an in-depth analysis of each-

1. Right of Access to Personal Data

Through this option, consumers can ask a business to share the personal details that they have collected over time.

All a consumer needs to do is provide his/her email address and submit a request. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the consumer. Upon confirmation, they will receive their personal data over their email address.

It will display the entire information the business has captured about the consumer.

2. Right to Data Portability

This option allows consumers to download their personal data in a CSV format. They can download their personal information, address details and order details.

They just need to submit a request to the merchant.

3. Right to be forgotten

This right allows consumers to permanently delete their entire information from the website. A consumer just needs to request for his/her account deletion by providing his email address.

Upon confirmation, all the associated data of the consumer will be removed from the system and they will no longer be able to access their account, however, they can create a new account using the same email address.

4. Right to Data Rectification

This option allows consumers to rectify their existing information on the website. It includes updating personal information, address and password.

Put simply, a consumer can modify their personal information easily.

The last option that we have is “Right to User Consent.” Under this option, you can ask for the consumers’ consent regarding sharing of their personal data with the third-party websites or selling it for the monetization purpose.

As per the CCPA law, consumer aged between 13 to 16 has the right to opt-in for allowing sharing of their personal data and consumers below 13 need a guardian authority.

Get the OpenCart CCPA Extension today. If you need any assistance regarding this extension, you can raise a ticket at

Check out the admin demo and front demo of the OpenCart CCPA module.

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